Christmas Setting in at Eisenhower

By: Morgan Kellogg

As the snow and cold starts to set in, and the holiday season approaches, students at Eisenhower start to come together. With the holiday spirit and smell of Christmas cookies in the air, they become involved in many festivities. From door decorating, to Christmas concerts, the holiday season at Eisenhower really is one for all the students to remember.

Door decorating, a new concept at Eisenhower, started last year during Christmas time.  Eisenhower’s Student Council wanted to create something that could build school spirit and boost the attitudes of the students at Eisenhower as the holiday season approached. The door decorating competition did just that, pumping up students from grades six through twelve for the upcoming break. This year’s door decorating competition started a little earlier than last year, on Tuesday, December 3, and ended on Thursday, December 19. With last year’s winners receiving a hot chocolate and donuts, students all around Eisenhower are in it to win it, pumping out better ideas every day.

As the door decorating competition is well underway, the students involved in Eisenhower’s choir have been busy working on their music for the concert that took place on Monday, December 9. These students, in grades six through twelve, have been preparing for the concert since the first week of school. The Squire got a chance to sit down and talk with Eisenhower’s Senior Choir President, Ashley Hall, about the concert. In response to asking how she and other students prepared for the concert, she replied, “We prepare for our concerts in school, during our choir periods. Towards the final days of rehearsal, we practice on the stage to get the feel of the acoustics and risers.”  Some things she would like the program to improve on is to see more students in the program in the coming years.

The choir concert isn’t the only one going on at Eisenhower. Under the direction of Mr. Napolitan, Eisenhower’s Band has been working hard for their mid-winter concert. The concert will take place on January 30, 2020 in Eisenhower’s auditorium. Visit for more updates about Eisenhower’s Band’s concert.

So, if you want to experience the holiday season, make your way to Eisenhower Middle High School. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the Christmas Spirit come alive in the hearts of the students and staff at Eisenhower.

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