Securing the Perfect Gift for Mom

By: Caroline Smelko

Sometimes knowing exactly what to get your mom for Christmas can be tough, especially if you want to get her the perfect gift. Everyone wants their mom to know they are loved and appreciated, but what can someone get them that says just that?

For people looking to buy their mom a gift this year, the list of top 10 gifts to get your mom on suggests getting her something engraved, such as a mug, keychain, or ornament for the tree. Whether it says, “Best Mom,” “World’s Greatest Mom,” “I Love You,” or something more original and from the heart, your mom will love it. These gifts show originality and they’re special because no one else will have the exact same one.

Pinterest also suggests buying moms flowers and candy. Flowers can be sent directly to the house, or they can be sent to their work for a great surprise. Just write a nice note with it and it will make their day! Candy and chocolates are easy to find and not very expensive to buy. Moms will love having them around the house as a late-night snack or a small post-meal dessert.

The Squire sat down with mother of three, Sarah Greene, to see what kind of gifts she’s hoping to receive this Christmas. She mentioned that new jewelry is always a good idea, and she jokingly said that she would appreciate new coffee mugs because hers always end up broken.

All moms understand that kids don’t exactly have loads of money to spend on Christmas presents, so don’t be afraid to make something yourself to give to her. In fact, when asked if she preferred store bought or homemade gifts Greene, responded, “Homemade all the way! I so love painting frames and filling them with pictures!” Greene also admitted that the best gift she ever received from her children was a homemade collage of picture frames with photographs of their family in them.

It doesn’t take a ridiculously expensive gift to show moms how much they are loved, appreciated, and cared for. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they’d like for Christmas or to just surprise them with something special. Moms will love anything you give them because it came from someone they love even more, you! Good luck on your search for the perfect gift to give to you mom.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Squire!

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