How to Shop till You Drop During the Christmas Season

By: Lily Mueller

It’s the most wonderful time of year, holiday shopping season. However, miles-long lines, naughty list shoppers, and overpriced items can put you into a real Grinch-y mood. Your holiday cheer can become holiday stress from just a couple of shopping mishaps. But, no worries, The Squire is here to help. Putting the joy back into holiday shopping starts by taking some of that stress off your shoulders. Take some of these tips and become a pro Christmas shopper.

Start by making a Christmas list; if Santa can make one you can too! Having a list while you go shopping can be extremely useful. The list will keep you from wanting to buy gifts that you had no intention of getting, and you won’t spend more money than you planned. The Squire interviewed Family Consumer Science teacher, Mrs. Alexander, about her holiday shopping, and she shared, “My least favorite part about shopping in stores are the people who don’t know what they want.” Having a list of what you want can help you avoid being this type of person during the holiday season.

Making a budget is the next step to having a less stressful holiday shopping season. Mrs. Alexander explained her plan for budgeting; she saves up certain amount of money for each of her kids and tries not to go over. She also said that her “dream is to do a Christmas club,” which is a saving program.

If you receive a gift list from someone, you can research any items on that list and find the best deals. Checking out the black Friday sales are also always a good idea. Discount stores like Kohl’s, TJ Max, and Marshalls have good sales all times of the year, so that you can buy ahead and spend less. A good tip would also be to shop alone! According to, “you are more likely to spend less money if you shop alone, especially if you have friends with poor money habits.”

Perhaps the most important tip involves planning ahead. Don’t wait until last minute! Starting your shopping late is the worst thing to do. The worst gifts received and prices paid are a result of waiting until the last minute. There is nothing worse than trying to find decent gifts for your whole family in almost empty aisles of the stores. So, simply avoid this extra stress by starting early, maybe even before the holiday season starts. Mrs. Alexander shared that planning ahead is important to holiday success, “I start [my shopping] in the summer because I am always shopping.” She also shared, “Black Friday is the best time to be out getting those deals” She said that she enjoys shopping online rather than in stores because it is easier and she isn’t rushed. The best stores to get good deals at, according to Mrs. Alexander, are Old Navy and Amazon.

Shopping for gifts is one of the most important things about Christmas time. These simple shopping tips will leave you with less stress during the holiday season and more time to spend with friends and family.



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