Recapping the Best and Worst of 2019

By: Rachel Frederick

When heading into each new year, The Squire enjoys looking back to review the many positives and negatives throughout the year, and 2019 is no different. This was a huge year in trends, which are continuously changing. Some throughout this year consisted of Tiktok, VSCO girls, Jeep trucks, Vans, and many more.

On The Squire’s Instagram, the followers were asked to choose if each trend was the best or worst of this year. By asking the followers on our Instagram, we get our students and community’s personal opinions on the most common trends that blew up this year. Of course, everyone has different thoughts on what was the best and worst, but the final outcome on the trends might be surprising to some. The outcome was as follows:

Best Trends of 2019:


-Slip-On Vans

-Mom jeans

-Nike air forces

Worst Trends of 2019:

-VSCO girls

-Jeep trucks

-Tesla trucks


-Doc Martens

-Cheetah/leopard print

-Tiktok boys

The Squire asked Katie Elmquist, an EHS student who is always up on the latest trends, to hear about her thoughts in particular about the viral trends of this year. Elmquist was asked which trend she thought was the best for this year and she said, “Tiktok was definitely the best trend of this year, but I also liked the Nike air forces.” Along with her answer for Tiktok being the best, the Instagram followers agree with that statement with the percentage being 76% on the polls. The trend she disliked most and would take out of 2019 if she could was VSCO girls. VSCO girls are the girls who wear oversized t-shirts, vans, scrunchies, shell necklaces, and carry around a hydroflask. When asked about why she explained, “They were overrated and kind of annoying at times with their ‘sksksksksk.’” The one trend Elmquist expects will stick going into 2020 is Tiktok, due to its popularity around the world.

Here at Eisenhower High School, many of our students participate in the newest trends. Many of our guys are starting to grow mullets, many girls walk around with their hydroflasks and wear Doc Martens as well Nike air forces being a big trend around the school. The students love to be on top of the latest trends and hopefully next year has as many trends as this year did!

Although 2019 is coming to end, it was fun to look back and see everyone’s viewpoints on this year’s trends, good and bad. The Squire hopes everyone had an amazing 2019 and cannot wait to see what new trends 2020 will bring.

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