Real or Fake: Picking the Perfect Tree

By: Lindsay Finch

Santa Claus, snowmen, and reindeer are big staples of Christmas decorating, but there is one traditional decoration that has been around for centuries, the Christmas tree. Decorated with lights, bulbs, candy canes, tinsel, popcorn strings and anything else you can think of, there is always a tree in every home lit in a frost covered window.

Back when real trees were first introduced, they were pines cut from the backyard and hauled into the house. To this day, people still use real Christmas trees; however, most people get them from tree farms or a local supplier. Many people prefer real trees because of the pine smell that drifts through the house along with the atheistic of real pine needles. Eisenhower junior, Julia Haight, told The Squire why her family likes to have a real tree for the holiday season, “We have always had a real tree since I was little. I really like the smell it gives off.”

Julia shared that they get their tree from Sanford’s Tree Farm in Youngsville, PA. There are other local places like LGL Tree Farm in Pittsfield, Ekey’s Florist in North Warren or Lowes hardware store that are also great options for finding that perfect tree. Ekey’s and Lowes sell pre-cut trees, which do cost more for the labor, however, if you want the experience of cutting down your own perfect tree with family, you can go to Sanford’s Tree farm and LGL Tree farm. The big question is what you do with the tree after Christmas is over. Julia’s family simply takes the tree out back in to the woods; other families keep it to burn in the summertime.

When you first get your tree it will require tons of water, just like a regular plant. Of course you will also need a tree stand that will screw into the tree so that it will stand straight. While having a real tree could be a hassle, people that have one find the benefits it gives worth the extra up keep.

If having a real tree is not your thing, then you can purchase an artificial tree from virtually any department store. Artificial trees can come pre-lit, meaning you do not have to string lights on them. They also can come in different colors, like white or blue, and in a multitude of sizes. You can even purchase trees with a pine smell to get your house smelling like the outdoors.

The Squire asked long time artificial tree owner Gloria Merenick why she preferred having a fake tree, and she explained, “We like to have our tree up longer and without having such a mess with dragging it through the house.” We then asked how long they keep their tree, she replied, “Until we decide it’s time for a new one or if we want to have a smaller tree.” It is very easy to get an artificial tree because they start showing up everywhere, even before Thanksgiving is through! Places like Walmart, True Value, Lowes, even Dollar General are lined with trees on display to buy. As for buying a tree, if you want one that is going to last you a good amount of years, you should think about investing a pretty penny. A six and a half pre-lit tree is around $40.00 and non-pre-lit tree that is six foot is $45.00, with both being good quality trees.

So whether you prefer a real tree or an artificial one, just having a festive Christmas tree in your house will help to ensure you will have a wonderful Christmas season full of joy and good cheer!

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