Christmas Walking at Home

By: Patricia Bortz

There is a special feeling that comes back into the city of Warren and town of Sugar Grove as the streets become decorated and lights start to shimmer and shine. Nothing will get you into the spirit quite like the Christmas walks that happen in these local towns we call home.

The feeling of Christmas is sure to spark a feeling of warmth and happiness within all who attend these fun holiday events. The Christmas walk in Warren was on December 6 and went down Pennsylvania Ave. The event included a parade from local organizations, while stores got into the spirit by decorating their windows for Christmas.

The Youth Connection group for high school kids is included in the Christmas parade, which is a big part of the Christmas walk. Eva Turner is part of this group and has participated in this event, sharing, “I love seeing everything in Warren decorated, especially the Christmas tree.” Along with the festive Youth Connection dressed up as superheroes or fairytale characters, window shopping is especially popular. The shops of Warren all decorate their windows in a festive way. In years past, decorated windows included a living nativity and a toy train set going through a small town that resembles the North Pole.

In the center of downtown Warren, a breathtakingly beautiful tree is shining. The tree is decorated bottom to top with white lights. The lights lining the streets, and the Christmas music filling the air will bring a smile to your face without fail. This year’s big attractions also included Santa arriving in a log cabin and a large Whoville display put on by McKissock’s.

Also, the Christmas walk in Sugar Grove took place on December 13, and they put on a display of fireworks to end the night. Similar to Warren, the streets are decorated for the holidays. The highlight this year was the donkey that walked the streets. This resembled the biblical scene of the donkey coming into town.

If you’re looking for a smaller town Christmas spirit and interested in going for a drive, then Ellicottville may be the place for you. Ellicottville, a charming town in New York, features festive events all month long. If you are a fan of outdoor winter activities, such as snowboarding or downhill skiing, then you can enjoy the ski resort, Holiday Valley, nearby as well. Ellicottville has many great places to eat or enjoy a hot beverage. This decorated small town will truly give you a cozy Christmas feel.

Enjoying these Christmas walks with the ones you love is not hard to do, but make sure you wear warm clothes so that you can enjoy these fun events without getting cold.

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