Buying the Perfect Dad Gift

By: Nate Acklin

With the holiday season coming up, trying to find the perfect gift for your dad can sometimes be a challenge. Whether he likes hunting, fishing, cooking, or building, The Squire has found plenty of great gifts for every type of dad. After conducting online research, The Squire has compiled a list of five of the best gifts you can buy your dad this season.


YETI Hopper Flip 18- This gift is perfect for the dad who likes a cold beverage for the beach, picnics, camping trips, and barbecues. This cooler will keep your food and drinks ice cold for days, but has a bit of a higher price tag.  It can be bought on Amazon for $300.


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5500- If your dad is always clean shaven, this electric shaver is smoother, faster, and easier than any other product you can find for this price. You can find it on Amazon for $128.


Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager- This heated foot massager is perfect for that hard working dad that suffers from achy feet. This product is available on Amazon for $100.


The Go-Anywhere Grill- The Go-Anywhere grill claims that you can go anywhere while taking your grill along. If Dad is a fan of camping, he’ll love this grill because you can quickly set it up and cook anywhere you can think of. You can find this grill online for about $70.


The Grill Sergeant BBQ Dad Apron- This cool camo apron is perfect for Dads who like to grill. It has all kinds of pockets that can hold cans, grilling tools, and condiments. This gift is a little more budget-friendly and will only run you about $20 dollars on Amazon.


The Squire sat down with Eisenhower history teacher and dad of four, Mr. Penley, to get some advice for getting a Dad the perfect gift. We asked Mr. Penley about a good gift that every dad would enjoy, and he said to find your dad’s hobbies and go from there. He also mentioned, “NOT a tie,” because that’s just what every dad gets, but hardly ever needs. When asked about the price range that he would want his kids to spend on him, he stated that he would want them to keep it cheap and to be smart with their money. He doesn’t expect his kids to buy him a gift, since he is the one that takes care of them. Mr. Penley told us about the best gift he has ever gotten, which was a Shamwow that he saw on TV. This gift was from his wife and also ended up being the worst gift ever after finding out that it doesn’t work like it did on the commercials.

So, if you’re having troubles finding your dad a good gift, just remember that it’s the thought that counts and he’ll be happy with anything. If you find something that is a little out of your price range, see if you can get some siblings together to all chip in and get him a gift from all of you. The Squire wishes you a happy holiday season.

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