Stocking up for Fall

By: Owen Trumbull

Did you miss your chance to harvest a gobbler this spring? Have no fear, you have one season left to get the turkey of a lifetime. We all know that a big part of harvesting a turkey is getting the right gear to get the job done. Without the necessities such as, a shotgun, calls of different varieties, and the right turkey hunting vest, you would have a slim chance of getting a gargantuan gobbler.

Luckily, to gain some knowledge of the sport, The Squire, caught up with Paul Swanson. Paul, a former student at your very own Eisenhower High School, is the go-to guy when it comes to the great outdoors.

Before you wake up on the first day of fall turkey season, you probably want to gain some information of where the turkeys are, right? When The Squire questioned Paul about the subject Paul said, “Normally, I look for a roosting spot and a food source.” In the spring, unlike the fall, the male turkeys are looking to breed; therefore, they are willing to gobble when a locator call, such as an owl hoot, is used. This factor makes hunting the fall turkey much more difficult.

The next step to take in this process is getting the correct gear for the job. In Warren, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, there are several places to stock up on hunting necessities. A few examples of hunting stores around the area are Tall Tales, Dunham’s, Dick’s, and Field and Stream. Swanson shared, that he chooses to shop at shared, “Field and Stream or Dick’s; wherever the deal is, for the most part.” Another option is to find online deals, since the wide web is a great place to find some competitive prices and compare products.

After you find a nice store or website to buy some gear, look to buy certain brands. Although everyone’s taste in a clothing brand may vary, there are some key brands to look for. Among these brands are Mossy Oak, Real Tree, Scent Lock, and Under Armour. Swanson favors a few of these brands, such as Scent Lock and Under Armour. The advantage of camouflage will help get you closer to the game you are in the chase for.

For the final step in the fall turkey hunting process, you need to head to the woods. Like Paul, use a call to help locate the turkeys. Paul advised, “I use a slate or easy yelper; it really gets the gobblers gobbling.” A key to hunting the fall bird is that you must go to them. In the spring, the gobblers are looking to breed and will come running when they hear the first purr of your call.

Everyone here at The Squire wishes you luck in your future fall hunting endeavors. Hopefully you will wind up with that bird that you just didn’t have the chance to get in spring!


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