Searching for Autumn Views

By: Brittany Smith

As fall begins, the leaves start to change colors and the trees become beautiful and fun to look at. There are many unique places around here and in other places in Pennsylvania where you can take fall pictures or just go watch the colors change. You can go with friends to different places and hangout while enjoying the great outdoors. Besides using the fall foliage as inspiration for Instagram-worthy pictures, there are different things you can do with the leaves, like make a scarecrow, decorate, and make a fort out of them.

The Squire interviewed Cassie Smelko about different type of fall activities to try this season. We started off by asking her where her favorite place to go leaf sightseeing is, and she shared, “…the Kinzua Bridge because it’s pretty there.” Smelko recommends prime sight-seeing in the area “probably mid- October,” with her favorite leaf color being “…red because it’s easy to notice and one of the bright colors.”

Like many Eisenhower students, Smelko’s favorite season is “fall because of the leaves and the views,” as she finds the leaves “calming to look at.” The Squire also asked about some tips for great fall photos. Smelko responded, “You need to get that good lighting.”

All around Pennsylvania, are places where you can go to watch the leaves change. You can also take fun, cute fall photos in many places locally, like Jake’s Rocks or the Rim Rock Overview. According to, Kinzua Bridge State Park, Smelko’s favorite spot for fall views, is a popular place to go not only to look at the leaves and take pictures, but also to learn about some local history. The website explained,“…the best time to go to the Kinzua Bridge State Park is early to mid-October.” When you go there, there is a view of the Kinzua Creek Valley, and the park is open all year round.

Another popular place to visit this season is the Allegheny National Forest. The best place to go for the best view, according to the website is on the National Longhouse Scenic byway. This is a loop through the Allegheny National Forest where you drive and also stop along the way to hike.

If you’re interested in venturing to the Erie area, another great day trip is to Presque Isle State Park. While you’re there, you can get the best views if you go to the Tom Ridge Environmental center.

This fall, take advantage of all the beauty Pennsylvania has to offer!



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