Shooting into Fall Hunting

By: Logan Jaquay

As the leaves begin to fall, the hunters of Eisenhower head to the woods for the start of archery season. Archery season is different from rifle season because it consists of a bow, forcing the hunter to come within 40 yards of the deer in order to successfully harvest the animal. The patience that it takes to watch the deer come in close proximity will get the adrenaline pumping. Many hunters are unable to handle the pressure and thus, end up missing their deer.

In addition to patience, scent control is also a big part of archery hunting. Since deer have a very strong sense of smell and because the deer come in close, some hunters are busted and the deer will leave the area. Another reason that makes archery difficult is the bows do not have the physical power that rifles have, allowing the deer to run further after being shot.

The Squire caught up with Eisenhower student and seasoned hunter, Zane Alexander, to ask him some questions regarding archery season. Zane, like most hunters, was introduced into hunting when he was young because his dad and grandpa are both also big hunters.

When asked which season he likes best, Zane commented, “I like archery season more than rifle, it is more challenging to harvest a deer from a closer distance and it is also earlier in hunting season.” Another challenge that Zane likes is using his compound bow rather than his crossbow, since it is more rewarding to kill a deer due to the difficulty to get off an accurate shot.

Preparing for the season, Zane makes sure all his gear is ready, checks his trail cameras to see where the deer are moving, and practices shooting his bow so that it is dialed in to make an accurate shot on a monster buck when it walks by. Zane is exited for the opportunity to be in the wilderness and continue the hunting tradition this season.

This year, archery will run from October 5 to November 16, followed by rifle season, which is November 30 to December 14. There will also be bear archery season October 28 to November 9, with rifle falling between November 23 and November 27. Trapping will run from October 27 to February 23.

The Squire wants to wish Zane and the rest of the Eisenhower hunters the best of luck this hunting season. Remember to stay safe, shoot straight, and knock them down. Be sure to use the #ehssquire in your hunting photos to be featured on our page. Stay tuned to the W-IKE news show for hunting updates on deer harvests and some tips from our outdoor segment.

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