Recapping the Homecoming Football Game

By: Dakota Chase

With school back in session and fall sports underway, the excitement of homecoming is coming to an end. The biggest football game of the year was on September 20, during Homecoming week. With all the festivities that go along with it, everyone loves the Homecoming game and the atmosphere it brings. Exciting events like tailgating, spirit week, the pep assembly, and the crowning of the King and Queen, brings everyone together for a fun time.

This year, the Eisenhower Knights football team hosted the Northwestern Wild Cats for a Homecoming showdown. The Squire interviewed football captain and junior, Jared Beers, to find out what he thought about the game and the atmosphere of the Homecoming celebration.

Jared has played football for five years and is now a starter and a team captain. When asked how he felt the game went, Beers shared that it didn’t go as well as the team had planned.  However, the game wasn’t without its positive moments. The team’s biggest strength was not getting upset with the team for being behind at half time. Jared said, “The vibe was very hyped up. We were pumped the whole day and mentally prepared for the game”

Although they maintained a positive attitude, there were some visible weaknesses, Beers explained that the team was not able to get their run game moving, “they were a little flat when running the ball.” The Squire asked Jared what he would have changed about the game or wishes the team could have done differently, and he explained, “The [other team’s] first touchdown run. I believe if you take that play from the game we would’ve been able to secure the dub”.

With a final score of 31-10, the Knights fell to Northwestern. However, it was still a well-played game and the huge crowd seemed to have a blast cheering on the team. The students had fun, tailgating before and during the game, sitting on the back of the trucks overlooking the field and cheering on the Knights. Check out our YouTube channel, EMHSSquire, to see the W-IKE News show featuring Homecoming videos and photos.

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