Eating Out Before the Big Night

By: Nate Acklin

With Homecoming being the first formal event students attend for the school year, students at Eisenhower go through a lot of preparation for the big night. One thing that could be stressful for Homecoming, but also other events throughout the year, is where to take your date to dinner. The pre-dance dinner date can set the mood for the whole night so you want to do it right and make sure you know a good place to go.

The Squire conducted a poll on Instagram to find out what most of our followers would like out of a dinner date. The results show that between nice restaurants and fast food, the votes were closer than expected, with 48% of people voting to go to Sheetz instead of Applebee’s. Good news for students on a budget – the polls show that many people aren’t looking for a large, expensive meal. Even 59% of voters said they would rather not have dessert after, making the date night an easy and inexpensive choice.

The Squire also sat down with junior Easton Hedman and asked him some questions about some good dinner date ideas. Easton mentioned that Johnny’s Lunch in Lakewood is a good place to eat because it’s “the best” and you can either sit down and eat or take out. He also says that there is no budget ideal for a date – if you want it, you can order it. When asked who should pay, he thinks that the guy should always pay. He also shared that the best kind of food to have is burgers and fries. We asked him if you should eat dessert or not and he mentioned, “I mean, Johnny’s rice pudding is bangin’.” If you don’t want to go out, he says that, “going to someone else’s crib” is a good idea.

Overall, these are some great tips for eating out on the big night! For more articles, visit The Squire’s website

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