Girls Spring Sports are Blooming

By: Tess Morningstar

Now that the girls have been practicing spring sports for many weeks, meets and games are underway. The track and softball teams have been working hard to have a great season. The track team has many record-breaking, district, and state qualifying athletes who are looking forward to leaving their legacy on the track and build this year’s track team to be the best that it can be.

Along with working hard during practices and meets, the girls still like to have a little bit of fun by enjoying time with their friends and making memories.  The Squire sat down with senior, distance runner, Aleea Giese. When Giese was asked what she is looking forward to most about this season, and she responded, “Districts because I like the competition and watching all of the amazing athletes.” Speaking of competition, the track team’s biggest competitor will be Titusville, as they have stellar distance runners and, according to Giese, it is “our most important region meet.” The Eisenhower girls track team has claimed the region title in 2016 and 2017, but fell short to Titusville last year, and they are hoping to regain their title. After the graduation of star athlete TerryLee Talasky last year, the track team is nervous about being able to compare to the talent of Titusville’s team. The track team is not all about dual meets; they also participate in invitationals, which are held on a Fridays and Saturdays. Starting in the early morning, track invitationals run all day. Aleea enjoys invitationals more because of the wide spread competition that helps her improve her times and the bonding time she gets with her teammates on the bus rides.

Being the fastest distance runner on the team, Aleea’s goal for this season is to break the 800-meter school record. When asked what meet she is looking most to, she responded, “The all-county meet because we have won it the past two years and I am hoping to win it again. There is also good competition in this meet.” This year’s all-county meet is held at Warren Memorial field, which is good for Aleea, considering she enjoys away meets better because of their nice all-weather tracks, compared to Eisenhower’s gravel track.

To learn more about the softball team, The Squire interviewed sophomore, Zoie Olsen. With having a new coaching staff, the team is trying to come together as one and get some wins under their belt against some strong teams. Youngsville, being Eisenhower’s county rival, is the game Zoie is looking forward to most, and Cochranton will be their biggest competition. Besides the competition, Zoie’s advice is, “don’t stress about games and just have fun.” As for home or away games, Zoie enjoys home games because she is used to practicing on the home field. With the softball team wrapping up their season, they are looking forward to what next year will bring.

As you can see, we have many talented female athletes at Eisenhower who compete to their best ability. The girl’s track and softball teams are both looking for a great season. Good luck to both teams on their season! Stay tuned to the W-IKE news show to stay updated on spring sports, news, and interviews.

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