Fishing the First Day of Trout

By: Owen Trumbull

Grab your fishing rod and hit the road for the upcoming Pennsylvania trout season. Saturday, April 13 was the opening day of trout for the 2019 season. Trout season is not only a time to have a chance to catch one of Pennsylvania’s fine Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Lake or Golden Rainbow Trout (Palomino), but also a chance to spend time in the woods with family and friends.

Trout season does require some necessities and The Squire spoke to student fishing enthusiast, Jared Beers, to find out more about what is needed for a successful fishing season.  When asked what kind of supplies a person needs to fish trout, Jared replied with, “Things you will need include, a fishing rod, bait of some sort, and a spot to fish.” Jared continued, sharing more detailed tips, saying, “I use a Shimano TEREZ for a rod, red salmon eggs for bait, and I fish around the Sheffield area every year.”

If fishing is not exactly your thing, then trout fishing surprisingly still has something to offer to you. Many people that fish enjoy going to their chosen spot the night before and camping out. Camping is a way to include the great outdoors into your trout fishing adventure. Jared added that, “One of my favorite parts about trout fishing is hanging out with my pals, like Uncle Chad.”

Trout fishing is also a good hobby for everyone, despite ages or ability levels. Trout fishing is something veterans of the sport can pass on to newcomers.  The Squire was curious how long Jared has been fishing for, and he shared, “I have been fishing for about ten years.” Trout fishing is a wonderful pastime for people who love being outdoors and is fun regardless of how many fish you catch. Not all who fish can be as lucky as Jared, who has caught a 14 inch rainbow trout.     Trout fishing has so many things to offer to all kinds of people. Whether you are just looking to relax, catch a trophy fish, or hang with friends and family, trout fishing is for you. Don’t miss out on the 2019 trout fishing season. Stop by the sporting goods department of our local Walmart to buy your license today!



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