Wrapping Up Boys Winter Sports

By: Drew Williams

With winter sports coming to an end, the wrestling team is starting to focus on individual postseason, as the basketball team is striving to get some more wins. It has been a rough season for the basketball team; they cannot quite seem to play hard and good all in the same game. The difference between playing hard and playing good is simple: playing hard is when you are everywhere on the court and playing good is when you are making shots and not making turnovers.

Heading into postseason Logan Jaquay is looking for his 100th win. With Logan placing eighth in states last year, his goal is to place higher this season. The wrestling team came up short on their goal of team states, but still had a great season getting second in the region and having only three dual meet losses. Recently the Eisenhower wrestling team faced off against county rival Warren, and, with all the hype surrounding the match, Eisenhower came out with a 44-21 victory.

The Squire sat down with head coach of the basketball team, Ryan Williams, to ask him how the season has gone so far.  Coach Williams shared, “It was a rough, young, growing season but it was nice for some of our players.” With only two games left the team stands with an overall record of 2-19. Although, not all of the team’s goals were accomplished this year, the team is already looking forward to preparing for next season, hoping to “get kids involved and spend more time playing basketball as a group.” For all sports teams, off season conditioning can be tough to accomplish. Getting everyone together over the summer is difficult with kids going on vacation and some simply wanting to enjoy their summer vacation relaxing away from school. With a little extra time and conditioning put in during the off-season, the team has the potential to come back stronger and more successful next season.

Catching up with the wrestling team, The Squire interviewed standout wrestler Logan Jaquay, to ask about the team’s remarkable season. Losing five great wrestlers will be tough after this year, and Logan explained what he will miss most: “The bond that we all shared while having fun.” The guys sure did have a good connection, placing second in the region and making it to team districts. Reflecting on the season, Logan also shared, “In years to come when we look back we will feel disappointment of our missed opportunity.”

Stay tuned to the EHS Squire and the W-IKE news show for updates on Logan’s advancements in the post-season. We would like to wish both teams good luck as they work on expanding and strengthening their programs for years to come.

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