Shopping for your Guy this Valentine’s Day

By: Logan Abbott

Are you struggling to find your boyfriend the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? The Squire is here to give you some tips for getting your guy the perfect gift.

The Squire interviewed William Schwanke, a senior, asking him to describe his perfect Valentine’s Day gift. He shared that what he wanted to get from his girlfriend is parts for his 2002 Chevy Tacoma F-150. His truck can be seen in the Eisenhower parking lot every day, so clearly William would really be able to use such a great gift.

Sophomore, Zoie Olsen, said that her boyfriend, Dillon Benson, would be interested in clothes for this year’s Valentine’s Day. If your guy has his own unique style, clothes are gifts that could be very thoughtful and will last a long time.

As far as where and when to shop for that perfect gift, there are many options. Of course, Amazon has endless options, available at any time. However, you could also choose to stick to a local option. The Squire interviewed Matt Vibbert, who said that he starts thinking about shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts on Christmas. You could get some pretty good deals on what you want to get, especially right after the big Christmas holiday sales. Owen Trumbull said that if his girlfriend was to go to a store to shop for him, he would want her to go to the mall. The mall would give you a very good variety to shop from, and locally we have the options of going to the Chautauqua Mall or the newly renovated Warren Mall Complex. Junior, Alex Durante, said that he wanted his girlfriend to get him a bunch of candy for Valentine’s Day. Candy is an easy and inexpensive gift that you could find, even at the local Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart.

The top gifts for men, according to Investopedia, are flowers, which people spend about 1.7 billion dollars on, food, which every man wants some of for Valentine’s Day, and watches, the most popular jewelry for men.

Some other popular gifts for men are jackets, cologne, and gift cards to their favorite places to go. Water Bottles, and speakers for a radio would also make great gifts. Athletic men would also like sports accessories, like golf clubs, and other cool things to do while playing their favorite sports.

Men would also like to get slippers to keep their feet warm inside the house, especially due to our recent cold weather. Last but not least, your boy would also like a pan to cook with, if he is a pro in the kitchen.

For the younger, but less mature men, you could get the book called, The Guide to God, Girls, and The Phone in your Pocket, according to the website, The book is a great guide to being a respectful and wise young man.

So, this Valentine’s Day, girls, the options for what to buy your guy are endless.  No matter what, he will enjoy knowing that you put thought into finding him just the right gift. Good luck!


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