Reviewing Valentine’s Day Candy, A to Z

By: Lindsay Finch

Besides showing love and appreciation towards your special someone, candy is one of the top things people receive for Valentine’s Day. Since the early 1900’s, chocolate was a staple for the love-filled holiday; eventually, with the addition of time and technology, sugar filled, gummy treats were introduced into the mix of treats received. Candy trends have come and gone, but for 2019, The Squire found a bundle full of candies that are selling off the shelves.

The Squire compiled a list of candies that are the most popular on February 14. The list starts with the traditional box of chocolates. Dark or milk, caramel or nougat filled, all the same kind or assorted, boxes of chocolate fly off the shelves every year to be given to your honey-bun. Coming in at $4.98, Russell Stover is one of the major companies that contribute to the box of chocolate craze. From Walmart to the Dollar Tree, boxes of chocolates are one of the easiest gifts to buy.

Next on the list is chocolate lollipops, unlike a regular sugar lollipop you can bite straight into this treat and enjoy its yummy, mess-free goodness. Continuing on the theme of chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and pretzels are major treats to scarf down. Another appeal to those coated snacks is that they can easily be made at home with little cost.

Moving out of the cocoa candies, another treat common for the holiday is a popular sugar in a bag treat. Fun Dip has shown up in every kids Valentine’s Day candy collection since it came out in 1970, and continues in present day. The Squire took a poll on Instagram and out of the 20 votes, Fun Dip held a whopping 12 votes!

Staying with the sugar, candy makers added a gummy core to create Gumdrops. With it being the holiday of love, Gumdrops even come in the shape of a heart with a red color. Then just shake off that sugar, add some different colors and shapes in the mix and you get Gummies. Pink, Red and White, in shapes of lips, hearts, x’s & o’s, and bears. These chewy fruity wonders are often consumed by the younger generation.

Easter isn’t the only holiday that has Peeps! Valentine’s Day Heart Peeps have been widely produced and purchased. Peeps aren’t the only Easter candy that has branched out to other holidays, though. The Jelly Belly Company makes thousands of bags of Jelly Beans with different kinds of love-themed flavors that are sure to tame that sugar craving.

If you want a more traditional approach for your sweet tooth, then Lollipops are for you! Along with also having different colors and shapes associated with the holiday, you can buy a big bag of these for a low price and share them with friends or eat all of them by yourself!

The last candy featured in this article is a major favorite and an icon to the whole holiday itself. Sweethearts are last on our list for candies widely known to be eaten on Valentine’s Day. Monogramed with little messages like “I love you” or “Be Mine,” it seems like everyone has eaten one once in their lifetime. However, there is some sad news regarding these tiny sugar hearts; this year, Necco revealed that they are not making Sweethearts in 2019, but, no worries, they will be back in 2020.

If candy isn’t your thing, you can opt for healthier options. The company Edible Arrangements has become very popular to deliver to your bae.  The delivery includes a basket full of fruits that can be cut in heart shapes and a message card placed in the middle.

Whatever you are in the mood to consume on Saint Valentine’s Day, you are sure to find it at most stores across the U.S. Your love is sure to like whatever you take the time to find just for them!

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