Eisenhower Competes in Districts

By: Delaney Chase

Every year, Eisenhower High School sends some of their best musicians to compete in districts. On January 26, EHS students, Amber Penley on the trumpet, and Angela Godden on the clarinet, traveled to Meadville to play in district band. On February 6, Shannon Kellogg, Rachel Dietsch, Michele Kingsley, Hunter Peterson, and Morgan Kellogg traveled to St. Mary’s to sing in District Choir.

PMEA District 2 includes the counties of Cameron, Crawford, Elk, Erie, McKean, Mercer, Potter, and Warren.

This year is very special for Eisenhower band students. Sophomore, Amber Penley, received first chair, which means that she is seen as the best at her instrument within the group. Earning such a high rank also means that she will move on to compete at the next level. Unfortunately, none of the choir students chaired high enough to move on this year, but they are looking forward to the possibilities of next year’s competition.

The Squire asked Amber and Angela questions to help others better understand what district band is like. They explained, “You get chosen for district band by trying out and the top eight students in the district are picked. To prepare for the competition, you receive ten songs and scales to memorize.”

Amber said that, “District band is fun, but also scary because you have to audition and be judged. Now that I have received first chair, I will have a better chance at getting to states.” Amber will be competing in Regional Band in Pittsburgh this March.

Sophomore, Angela, told The Squire that, “My favorite part of District band was how different it was. There were so many people that you could hear all the parts and we sounded like a real ensemble.” Amber and Angela both agreed that the best part was the concert because all of the best musicians in our district get to play together. Much like District Band, students that attend District Choir get to experience a new level of singing because they get to blend their voice with around two hundred of the most talented singers in the area.

With their upcoming annual concerts taking place in the EHS Auditorium and Amber competing at Regional Band, this spring is a busy one for our music department.  Wish Amber luck this March and stay tuned to W-IKE news for more updates on band and choir events at Eisenhower this spring.

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