Give your Girl the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

By: Zoie Olsen

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone. However, not all girls are interested in receiving the same gifts. Some girls look forward to getting fancy jewelry or flowers, while others may be happy with a box of chocolates and a cute teddy bear.

According to, the top gifts this year are chocolates, which, as The Odyssey says, is a girl’s best friend. You can never go wrong with simple gifts such as dinner and a movie, flowers, jewelry, or, of course, a giant teddy bear.

For all the guys worried about what to get your best girl, no worries – The Squire is here to help. The Squire made a Twitter Poll asking girls what they look forward to receiving for Valentine’s Day, and the top answer is an easy gift that any guy can easily get for their love. Out of 48 votes, girls voted that they’d rather receive flowers than anything else. Flowers had 52% of the votes, with chocolate and jewelry coming in second with 23%, and makeup products with 2%.

The Squire also sat down with a couple of Eisenhower students about their plans for this year’s Valentine’s Day. First, The Squire talked to sophomore Alex Pascuzzi, about this year’s Valentine’s Day. Alex says that she wants to go to Fuji Sushi and Steak House this year because it is one of her favorite restaurants. When we asked what her plans were for this year, she said that her and her boyfriend will probably go to dinner and eat chocolate together. She hopes to receive flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.

    The Squire also talked to senior Aleea Giese, who, when asked, said that her favorite restaurant to go to for a nice dinner is “Texas Roadhouse.” She then shared that she will be spending Valentine’s Day with her loving friends, and that she likes chocolates and flowers. Sophomore Ellie Strausser said that the best way to spend her Valentine’s Day is to “go to Applebee’s for dinner and a movie” and that “Chocolate and probably flowers” would be an ideal gift for her.

So, if you are having trouble picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, be sure to check out Walmart for some pretty flowers and a box of chocolates for an amazing way to make your girl happy for this special holiday.

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