Finishing up Winter Girls’ Sports

By: Alexis Courtney

With the winter sports seasons ending and playoffs in thought, everyone is on the edge of their seat. The girls, whether it is cheerleading or basketball, have done very well in this year’s season. Everyone seemed to underestimate the basketball team, but they have had many shocking games where the score was very close or they have come out way on top. Cheer has not only been working hard to pump up the boys, but also been competing, too.

Each team had set backs at the beginning of winter, having low numbers and many new girls joining their team, but got through all of them. Leah Peterson, a sophomore who was supposed to be the point guard this year, tore her ACL and had some other injuries, taking her out for not only the season, but a little after as well. Along with that, the girls had low numbers with 11 girls, not including Leah. Out of the first few games, Alexis Courtney and Lydia Giannini each missed a game due to minor injuries. As for cheer, they have 13 girls, and competed in their first competition on February 2, placing third out of four teams.

The Squire sat down with sophomore cheerleader Morgan Kellogg to see how their season has been, “It’s been good overall; I think our biggest struggle has just been teaching everyone the routine.” The cheerleaders have been very excited about this season and things to come.

The Lady Knights basketball team sat down at the beginning of their season and made some goals for themselves. The three goals they set for their team were: 1.) Beat the Youngsville team each time they played, which they achieved 2.) Win 10 games in the season and 3.) Go to playoffs. The girls are 9 -11 this season and didn’t exactly hit their goal of winning ten games, but worked hard none the less. “This season has been enjoyable working with these athletes,” said Coach Mike Logue, “They are committed to the team aspect and work hard trying to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves as a team.” They will be going to playoffs, playing in Sharpsville on Saturday, February 16. Come out and support your Lady Knights.  The big game starts at 7 pm.

The offseason is approaching quickly and that does not necessarily mean time off. As for the cheer team, they plan on practicing choreography all summer and conditioning as well. The basketball team will be working hard, too. “We have already started looking into summer leagues, weekend shootouts, and team camps,” Coach Logue tells The Squire, “I would encourage the girls to put a basketball in their hand every day and work on some aspect of the game every chance they get.” Open gyms will also be at least two days a week starting around June.

Both teams encourage people considering going out for the team to go to offseason events to get a head start on the season. Good job to both cheer and basketball for all your accomplishments this winter!

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