Eisenhower Gives Back through Food Drive

By: Jared Beers

Each year, Eisenhower does its best to look out for families in need during the holiday season.  Specifically, Eisenhower’s National Honor Society takes the lead by coordinating an annual holiday food drive.

Earlier this week, The Squire interviewed Mrs. Dietsch, the advisor of the National Honor Society and science teacher here at Eisenhower High School. As advisor of the National Honor Society, Mrs. Dietsch oversees a group of dedicated and hardworking students.  The National Honor Society is an organization with members in high schools in all 50 states, several U.S. territories, and Canada. The National Honor Society accepts applications from high school students with a dedication to the society’s core values – scholarship, leadership, and character, and service. To receive recognition, they must also participate in volunteer activities so they can apply for and maintain membership.  Among other activities throughout the year, one of their volunteer activities for is an annual food drive.

A food drive is a form of charity that is conducted by a group to stockpile and distribute food to those who are less fortunate. The food drive at Eisenhower gathers food donated by students and staff, which is then distributed to families in need located in the Eisenhower community.  The food drive allows those receiving families to have all of the food and ingredients they may need to celebrate the holidays with their families and loved ones. When asked where students could help by dropping off food for the EMHS food drive, Mrs. Dietsch replied, “Food can be dropped off in any teacher’s room. Teacher’s rooms that have enough food to block out their window get a fun day during class in that room. It is the teacher’s choice as to what will happen during the fun day.” By adding the incentive of the fun day, it gives the students and staff a goal to work towards. This “block out” idea has worked very well in past years.

Food drives are common throughout the holiday season, as many churches and community centers also have similar drives.  Food drives are really important, as they help provide food for our community members and assist families by offering nutritious and balanced nourishments as well. When asked about her thoughts on why people should donate, Mrs. Dietsch responded, “People should donate to give families in our community a bit of help to have a warm, thoughtful and happy holiday season. It is our way of supporting the needs of families in our community.”

Food pantries in Warren County’s high schools are a newer idea, as most schools have only started their own pantries within the past couple of years. Our food pantry at Eisenhower is a way to help students and families not only during the holiday season, but year-round.  The elementary schools have had the Backpack program for a while, which shares a similar idea of providing students and families with needed food.

Mrs. Dietsch shared the goals for this year’s food drive, “We hope to at least match the previous year where we collected 2,314 items and provided 16 families with food during the holiday season and beyond.” The Squire encourages you to help contribute towards meeting this goal by bringing in nonperishable goods to any classroom here at Eisenhower.

Many students and their families may not be aware that there is help for the holidays.  “Individuals with questions can ask any honor society member, Mrs. Alm or Mrs. Dietsch,” concluded Mrs. Dietsch.  Journalism also wants to give a big thank you to everyone who is putting in the effort to make sure our Eisenhower community is supported this holiday season.

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