Tackling the Homecoming Game

By: Rachel Frederick

It is almost everyone’s favorite season, which comes with the homecoming game. At this game, many get to see former classmates or people they have not seen in what feels like forever. This is the most exciting game and fans come out and support the Eisenhower Knights while they play in what feels like the best game of the season.

This year, the Knights played the Cambridge Springs Devils, who happened to outshine Eisenhower on the field. The Knights played an amazing game and did not let their fans down. It was a hard-fought game and even though they lost, they did not stop trying their hardest until the final buzzer went off. Many of the players had an incredible game and it was obvious that they were trying as hard as they could.  The odds were stacked against them, though, as the team is suffering some injuries from previous games and others getting hurt during the game. Even though the final score of the game was 14-6, Devils, The Squire is proud of how the Knights played and hope that they had fun out there

The Squire interviewed Nate Holt to get his views toward the game.

The Squire: How did you feel before the game?

Nate Holt: I think I felt pretty prepared. We had a good week at practice and there was high tempo. Unfortunately, we did not finish, though.

TS: How do you think the team did?

NH: We did pretty well, in my opinion. Ethan was running the ball like a beast, as always. I made a few catches, but mistakes were made and things did not turn out the way we wanted. We still fought all the way until the end.

TS: What are your feelings toward how you played?

NH: Honestly, there are things I did that were great, but a lot I need to work on. Better tackling, better coverage, etc. I got an interception and made a few catches, so it does go both ways.

TS: What was the attitude in the locker room at halftime?

NH: [We all felt] that they shouldn’t be beating us like that. We needed to go out and make plays.

TS: How does the crowd cheering make you feel?

NH: I’m all into it. I think we all love the enthusiasm and the love the people give, not to just the game, but the people involved. It’s just awesome!
What do you think the team needs to work on?

NH: Better, tackling, finishing, making plays, and overall finishing the game with a W!
What do you feel the biggest play was and how did it feel?

NH: I don’t think there was one big play out of the whole game. Ethan had big runs and a touchdown. I had a few big catches, an interception. Garrett had big runs, and defense has the quarterback sacked! It’s a team effort that makes these plays happen.

     The Squire would like to thank Nate for his time and wants to wish the football team a huge good luck for the rest of the season.  The fans will keep hoping that they fulfill their goals and they will have the strong finish we have all been waiting for. The Squire hopes to see you out there cheering on our Eisenhower Knights for the few games that they have left!

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