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Kicking off Girls Fall Sports

By: Tess Morningstar

As the school year comes to a start, so do fall sports. Soccer, volleyball, and girls cross country all started the season off with crash week before the school year began. Crash week happens every fall, and is most athletes’ least favorite time of the season, with six hour practices in either the hot sun or in the gym with only one break. Even with the downsides of crash week, you still get quality time with your teammates and in better shape for your upcoming season. Continue reading Kicking off Girls Fall Sports

Trick or Treating – Where Did it Start?

By: Alexi Milburn

Oh, the greatest time of the year, fall. But what’s more exciting than fall itself? Halloween. The horror, the gore, the candy, the parties, and the costumes all make for one perfect holiday. While all of this is cool, where did Halloween originate? What started all of this craziness? That’s what we’re about to find out. Continue reading Trick or Treating – Where Did it Start?

Eisenhower Adapts to New High School Reform

By: Matthew Vibbert

The Warren County School District just recently added a new scheduling, removing one period in the day and adding an Advisory time, which allows students to interact within different clubs. It also extended every class period to fifty minutes, which makes more time available for lessons to be taught and helps teachers get further in the course than normal. Continue reading Eisenhower Adapts to New High School Reform