Falling into Boys Sports

By: Dakota Chase

The weather is changing, the air is getting cool, leaves are starting to turn fall colors, and boys sports are heating up. Fall is a busy time of year for everyone, especially the EHS athletes. There are three seasons in the fall for boys sports, including soccer, football, and cross country.

The Squire interviewed representatives from each of the boys teams and they shared their thoughts on the season.

First to be interviewed was Brian Fedorchuk, a senior representing the EHS cross country team.

The Squire: How has the season started?

Brian: Well, we’re doing well, but we can improve.

The Squire: What is your favorite meet to run at?

Brian: McQuaid invitational [is my favorite] because it’s a big race, short course, always fast times, and a lot of people we get to meet.

TS: Are there any stand-out athletes on the team?

Brian: Ethan Kellogg [is a standout]; he is beating seniors and juniors.  He is the fastest on the team, and he’s only a sophomore.

Next up The Squire spoke to the soccer representative Wyatt Tucker, who is a sophomore.

The Squire: How has the season started?

Wyatt: Rocky, but we’re improving. This is a building year and next year will be better.

TS: Who was your biggest challenge thus far?

Wyatt: Northeast [is tough]; they’re a problem every year and we want to beat them.

TS: How have you played this year so far?

Wyatt: I have performed well, but there is always room for improvement.

Finally, The Squire caught up with the football team, and their representative was Logan Abbott.

The Squire: How has the season started?

Logan: [It started ]Not as good as it could have.  [We have been] flat on offense, and haven’t done as good as we would’ve hoped.

TS: How does the team play together?

Logan: We play together very well and we also have a good team culture.

TS: How does the rest of the season look?

Logan: [It looks] pretty good.  [We have a] tough schedule, but we can prevail.

The Squire would like to thank Brian, Wyatt and Logan for their time and would like to wish them the best of luck in the rest of their season. Stay tuned to The Squire for further updates on boys sports.

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