Getting into the School Spirit

By: Anna McJunkin

Every year, we have spirit week and the pep assembly for Homecoming week, but what makes this year’s different? First of all, we have new Student Council members and different students on the sports teams. Also, there were many more students and clubs that participated. Each year students show their spirit by dressing up. This year’s themes were farmer day, USA day, Hawaiian day, neon day, and of course, blue and gold day.

The Squire interviewed Shannon Kellogg, a Student Council member, and we talked to her about how this year’s spirit week themes were chosen. She said that they picked more popular themes and ones we haven’t done before, with the hope that more students would participate. Their idea seemed to work out, because more students dressed up than in previous years, which was “really good,” as Shannon put it. We asked her if there was a day she thinks we should’ve done, and she said “gold rush” would’ve been a good theme.

On Friday September 28, Eisenhower participated in the annual pep rally in the gym. During the assembly, Joey Bauer, the M.C., announced the homecoming court and led volunteers in games, including a hula-hoop contest, and trying to keep a beach ball in the air without dropping it. School spirit was impressive, as the band played and the cheerleaders cheered.

The cheerleaders were also getting in the spirit of the week, and Shannon Kellogg is also a cheerleader. The Squire asked her how much preparation was needed before the pep assembly, and she said that it took a lot of time to get their dance memorized, but, as it turns out, they weren’t able to perform it at the rally, because it took too long. Thankfully, they had a backup plan and a good turnout with their stunting. At the Homecoming football game, they did a fantastic job cheering on the team and showing school spirit.

Even the journalism students have been getting in the school spirit. For homecoming week, the journalism 2 students made a special “hoco” edition of the W-IKE Afternoon Show. Alex Durante is in journalism and The Squire interviewed him and asked how much preparation it took to film and edit it. Alex said, “It took four days from Monday to Thursday to completely record and edit the show.” We all worked together and Alex said, “Everybody in journalism 2 had a job, such as preparing questions for knight walking, people working the camera, people bringing in decorations for the studio, and making sure we had everything we needed.”

As you can see, all the students and staff at Eisenhower really showed their school spirit for homecoming week. A special thanks to all of the effort put forth by Student Council and all the students and staff who participated.

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