Students Dance the “Knight” Away at the Luau

By: Shannon Kellogg

As Eisenhower’s Homecoming week came to a close, the students dressed up and headed to the annual Homecoming dance for “A ‘Knight’ at the Luau.” The dance took place on Saturday, September 29, 2018 in the Eisenhower Cafeteria from 7-10pm. The dance was planned, organized, and coordinated by Eisenhower’s Student Council members and advisor, Ms. Amanda Slattery, who worked tirelessly for many weeks prior to create such a great event.

The Squire sat down with Student Council President and senior, Delaney Nizzi, to get some inside details about the dance.

According to Nizzi, the theme of the dance, “A ‘Knight’ at the Luau,” was voted on at the end of last school year by all the Student Council members that would be in the club this year. Then, the students got together this fall to begin planning decorations, designing tickets, hiring a DJ, coordinating the court and pep assembly, and so much more. Delaney commented that planning homecoming is “a lot of work.” The DJ for this year’s homecoming was Dave Huling, also known as “DJ Dave,” who also appeared at last year’s Prom and Homecoming. Nizzi told The Squire that some of the decorations included a “tiki bar,” kitty pool full of water bottles, surf boards, tiki head totem poles, a beach ball arch way, and a beach themed photo area.

Ticket prices remained the same as last year at $12 for a single or $20 for a couple. If students from Eisenhower wanted to bring a date that was not of homecoming age, or did not attend Eisenhower, they had to fill out a pink or yellow form located in the main office.

Some of the chaperones supervising the dance included Mr. Crider, Ms. Slattery, Officer Federoski, and Mrs. Ludwig.

The Squire hopes everyone had a fantastic time at the Homecoming dance and cannot wait to see everybody at Prom!

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