Eisenhower Names 2018 Homecoming Court

By: Aniela Gesing

As the 2018 school year opens, it is a time for chilly weather, football games with friends, and the Homecoming dance. Of course, what is any school dance without a court? After careful decision making, senior students were asked to select six boys and six girls who they wish to be in the running for Homecoming king and queen. In addition, under classmen (juniors, sophomores, and freshmen) were asked to vote one boy and girl who they would like to represent their grade. Once the all the court members were decided, it was time for all grades 9-12 to vote amongst the twelve senior court members to choose the 2018 Homecoming king and queen.

The 2018 Homecoming court representatives were as follows:


Cael Black and Abbey Frederick



Owen Trumbull and Eva Turner



Nate Acklin and Currie Hultman



Alex Barnett and Cameran Edwards

Josef Bauer and Aniela Gesing

Ethan Chambers and Caroline Hishman

Garrett Head and Shannon Kellogg

Nate Holt and Delaney Nizzi

BrodieWhitney and Crystal Work


    The Squire sat down with Cameran Edwards to ask her about her Homecoming court experience.

The Squire:  Were you surprised that you were voted onto court?

Cameran Edwards: Yes, I was not expecting it.

TS: How does it feel to be on court?

CE: Awesome feeling!

TS: How do you feel about the Mid-Town Motor trucks that were used for the court entrance and exit?

CE: I’m happy we got to ride in brand new trucks.

TS: How do you think the pep-assembly went this year?

CE: It was fun like always, but we could do with some more games.


The Squire would like to congratulate all of the 2018 Homecoming Court members!


A Note from the Editor:

Before I was assigned to write about this article, I had no idea I would be chosen as a member of the 2018 Homecoming Court. To my surprise, I was voted to be the 2018 Homecoming Queen. I was crowned Queen at the Homecoming football game, and it was awesome to see the community come together and experience such a memorable moment of my high school career with me. Alex Barnett was crowned 2018 Homecoming King and it was great to be able to walk with such a gentleman.  It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever.

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