The Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mike Logue

By: Alexi Milburn

For those who are unaware, Mr. Logue is a history teacher here at Eisenhower Middle High School. He is involved in many school sports, and is very influential on his students. Besides history, he also teaches electives, such as drivers ed, and has, in the past, taught sociology.

Logue has been doing this for a while. Starting as a substitute teacher in the Smethport area, Mr. Logue started teaching in the fall of 1993 at Moniteau and AC Valley High school at the age of 23. He started his teaching career at EHS in 2001, with a current total of 17 years of teaching in this school.

What most students don’t know is the measures Mr. Logue takes to come to this school daily. While he would never tell you the inconvenience it really is, it takes him a total of an hour and 40 minutes in good weather to get from his house to the school. This is because it is a 90 mile distance from his home to EHS. That’s dedication.

Not only is he a teacher, but he also has been a coach for numerous teams here at EHS. He coached Ike women’s track for 11 years, Ike women’s varsity basketball for seven years, and girls junior high basketball for 14 years. Basketball plays a pretty important role in Mr. Logue’s career, being that it was his own basketball coaches who influenced him to become a history teacher, as they taught history themselves.

Originally, Mr. Logue went to college for one semester to become a Physical Education teacher, but he soon quit to take up a job offered to him by Federal Investigations. He then decided that wasn’t what he wanted to do forever and went back to college for three years to be a history teacher.

When asked what his favorite thing about teaching is he responded, “Getting to teach a subject I enjoy to students who need to know history in order to be a productive student and citizen.” He also told us that other than history, sociology is his favorite subject to teach, because you can look at the interactions of people around the world and how different things affect people in various ways.

In the summer, Mr. Logue spends his time reading, going to basketball camps, and doing yard work. His advice to the graduating senior class is, “No matter what you do, work hard to be productive citizens in society.” So, the next time you see Mr. Logue in the hallway, shoot him a smile and give him a wave.

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