The End Is Nearing

By: Maya Edwards

The 2017-2018 school year might be nearing an end, but there are still many events and activities to take place before the Eisenhower High School seniors say their final goodbyes. Some of the activities include the senior trip, finals, prom, baccalaureate, and finally, graduation. But, these events could not take place without the senior class advisor, Mrs. Lewann Alexander.

This year’s senior trip is somewhat different and more relaxed compared to previous years. Instead of going to an amusement park, they have decided to take a trip to Presque Isle for a senior class picnic. A pavilion has been reserved for a paid for, and a catered lunch planned. The students will have the freedom to relax at the beach, go fishing, go biking, and even have access to rent paddle boats. After the bulk of the day is over, the class will be stopping at the iconic “Sarah’s” diner on their way home. The idea for a beach day was brought to Mrs. Alexander’s attention by two students, leading to a survey being given to the senior class. The results of the survey were clear – almost everyone voted on going to Presque Isle.

Finals are another big part of the end of the school year, not just for seniors, but for all high school students. Finals will be given starting Tuesday, May 29 and will be ending Thursday, June 7. For seniors, all grades are due by Thursday, June 6, which is the day before the senior class trip.

June is a busy month at Eisenhower, even though students are only in school for a short time. In the middle of the madness of finals, we can’t forget about prom which will be held at the Conewango Club in Warren, Pa on Saturday, June 2nd. See the article written by our staff reporter, Tess Morningstar.  Seniors have an important event the day after prom – the traditional Baccalaureate service.  On June third, Baccalaureate will be held at four o’clock in the gymnasium for all seniors and their families to attend.

Finally, graduation will be held on the last day of school, June 8. Graduation will begin at 7 pm and will take place in the gymnasium.  Join us for an exciting celebration of the class of 2018!

The end is nearing faster than you may think! The 2018 senior class has almost made it through. Keeping their heads held high, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. None of these events could happen without the wonderful senior class advisor, Mrs. Alexander. Taking the position just three months before graduation is a huge task and commitment that she has made for her kids and she is very much appreciated.  Best of luck to all Eisenhower students for a successful end of the school year!

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