Picking the Perfect Prom Dress

By: Alexis Roberts

As spring is here and prom season is just around the corner, juniors and seniors are trying to find the perfect prom dress. Every year there are so many different options, styles, and colors varying from location to location.

With prom fast approaching, girls on the search for the perfect dress may be wondering about where the best spots to shop are.  If you are brave enough to try purchasing your dress online,  check out Promgirl.com.  If you’re more comfortable trying on the dress, most of the stores with the best selection are not local.  However, they are not too far away – The Winner in Sharon and David’s Bridal in Erie are great options.  Of course, it is always a good option to see if a friend has a dress you could borrow or purchase, especially since most prom dresses are very lightly used. The Squire took a poll to see where students will be purchasing their dresses this year.  The majority who participated voted in favor of purchasing at David’s Bridal, with 38% recommending starting your prom dress shopping there.  The Winner wasn’t far behind, with 31%, followed by Promgirl.com at 13%.  About 18% of Eisenhower girls who participated plan to borrow or purchase a dress from a friend.

Based on Prom Girl and other popular department stores, there seems to be a little bit less glitter and shine this year. As last year’s trend was two piece dresses, this year we seem to be steering clear of that. Many of the styles offered this year tend to be one pieces in burgundies, mauves, and black, in satin or lace, and many have slits from the bottom of the dress to about knee length or mid-thigh. Another common dress style is an open back with straps.

To test this theory about dress trends, The Squire asked some questions to one of Eisenhower’s seniors, Taylor Carr, who has already purchased her dress. Taylor tells us while shopping for her dress at Macy’s the trend seemed to be many tank top and spaghetti strap tops and not many strapless. She tells us that she chose to shop at Macy’s because they always have nice quality dresses and a decent price range where you don’t have to break the bank to purchase it. She adds that many of the dresses were lace, had a slit on the leg, and some had a little sparkle. As usual, the common color that works for almost everyone is black and red tones. Over all, the main trends was many slits and lace.

In addition, on Prom Girl’s website, we found some helpful hints on how to style your body type. Prom Girl suggests that for a more busty body type it is best to accentuate the curves by choosing a dress that may define your curves on the hips, while an apple shape is best to dress with an a-lined dress, or one with a full skirt. If you have a slender body, Prom Girl suggests to dress with an empire waist, an asymmetrical neck line or a dress with a slit.  As for an hour glass shape, Prom Girl suggests natural waistlines and form fitted tops. For pear shaped girls, they recommend a fitted open neck or strapless top and a full or a-lined skirt. As for the petite girls, the recommendation is slim fitting dress with v-neckline, vertical prints, or pleating to make the illusion of a longer figure.

Hopefully these tips help you decide what is best for you and this year’s prom dress styles.  However, no matter what type of dress you choose, you will still shine and look radiant!  See you at Prom 2018 on June 2.

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