Springing into Boys Spring Sports

By: Dakota Chase

With the weather finally starting to get nicer, boys sports are getting into full swing. Even though the weather hasn’t cooperated, the sports still go on and the boys will try their best to play through all the weather. Some of the boys sports include baseball, trap, and track. Boys track and the trap team have strong numbers, as always, but the baseball team isn’t as strong.

Some athletes from the boys sports programs met up with The Squire to talk to us about the season.  Up first, we have an interview with Kelly Glotz on boys track, then Mike Ciprich shared an update on the trap team. Finally, we wrapped up our sports chat with Nick Smelko for boys baseball.

Kelly is a senior this year, and he thinks the greatest track accomplishment this year so far is “being undefeated for the 4 by 1 and the 100” and “already making districts.” He says the weather affects how people perform a lot because it causes injuries and, he knows from personal experience, as Kelly has already hurt himself because of the cold. There have been two meets, Seneca and Otto Eldridge, canceled so far. Kelly says the toughest meet will be “Seneca because there’s something in the water.”

Mike Ciprich is a junior, and he says he keeps improving and getting better as the year goes on for the trap team. Mike says the cold has been tough this year, but when it gets cold “I stick my fingers in the warm empties.” There haven’t been any cancelations this year, as the trap team shoots in some of the worst weather.  Mike says, “The hardest meet was the Corry meet because they have so many more people and chances to get a perfect score.” He also shared, “The wind makes the birds go crazy.”

Nick Smelko, a senior, identified the first region win against Iriquois as the best baseball moment so far. There have been three cancelations, and, when the team actually played a game, Nick said it has been cold. Nick also shared that “Nothing hurts how I perform.” Some would think that’s being cocky, but Nick thinks he’s being confident. The biggest challenge this year is “overcoming the fact that we are a very young team.” He has also been playing quite well, making good starts on the mound, and taking good cuts at the ball. The end goal for this season is “making a run in the post season.”

Good luck to all of the spring sports! Our athletic director, Mr. Penley, will keep everyone updated on rescheduled and canceled games. Stay tuned to W-IKE News every Friday for sports updates and other school news.

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