County Conference has Students Feeling SADD

By: Aniela Gesing

Eisenhower’s SADD Club recently attended the Warren County SADD Conference. The conference was held at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Warren. All of Warren County’s SADD chapters are invited to this conference along with Tidioute Charter School, East Forest, and West Forest High School. Students spend the whole school day at the conference meeting new people and discussing how they can become more active in their high schools. There are four workshops to attend during the conference, along with an opening keynote speaker and a closing keynote speaker. The goal of Warren County’s SADD Conference is to educate SADD members about the dangers of their destructive decisions and the impact it has on themselves and the community.

The Squire asked Eisenhower junior, Shannon Kellogg what SADD was all about and she said, “SADD is a club that promotes positive decision making for high school students.” Shannon attended this year’s 2018 Warren Country SADD Conference and noted that, “Messages that can be taken away from a SADD conference can be different for everyone that attends. Everyone faces their own battle so not everyone will get the same thing from listening to each speaker or attending each workshop.” The most important element to a SADD conference is being able to connect individually with a broad spectrum of teenagers. Shannon shared with The Squire that she feels, “Every SADD conference has been different for me, but the main message that I usually take away deals with safe driving. Just this year alone, the junior class at Eisenhower has had a total of five accidents.”

The goal for all SADD members is to educate their peers. As long as the youth stay mindful of their decisions, SADD will have been doing their job correctly. Eisenhower’s SADD club invites anyone in grades 9-12 to attend next year’s Warren County SADD Conference in the spring.

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