Jumping into Prom

By: Tess Morningstar

Spring is up and coming and that means its every junior and seniors’ favorite time of the year, prom. This year’s prom will be held at the Conewango Men’s Club on Market Street starting at 7:00 pm with D.J. Dave as the D.J., who was also the D.J. at this year’s homecoming. The theme will be “A Knight in the Roaring 20’s” and the classy venue will be decorated elegantly with dramatic accents featuring a black base and gold and silver accents. Snacks will be provided at prom, including boneless chicken wings, spinach and artichoke dip, an s’mores bar, an assorted dessert table, with pop, lemonade, and punch being served.

Prom committee has been hard at work planning this year’s prom. A group of junior girls has played a large role in helping to organize all the details been in charge of this year’s prom. The Squire asked prom committee member, Cameran Edwards, what it has been like being a part of prom committee this year. Cameran responded, “We feel responsible making the seniors’ prom a worthwhile night; overall it has been fun to decide everything for prom and we are all excited to decorate.” The girls have done a few fundraisers to raise money for prom, like a Yankee candle sale, a Christmas cookie sale and a carnation sale around Valentine’s Day.

The last two years prom has been held at the Willow Bay Theatre in Jamestown, New York, but the location was moved this year because this venue was already booked and Warren is a closer drive for many students. The building in Warren also properly fits the theme of prom. The Squire asked prom committee advisor Mrs. Barnett, a special education teacher at Eisenhower High School what it has been like being in charge of prom committee for the first time and she responded with “It has been interesting and educational. I enjoyed planning and getting things to go into prom and working on ideas with the girls.”

There will also be a chance for friends and family of students attending prom to come to the Conewango Club at 6:30 pm to have a walk-in, which will be the students walking in with their date or friends with their name being announced. This is a chance for parents or other family members to get the experience to see their kids and other students to see everyone at prom. Prom tickets will cost $45.00 for a couple and $30.00 for a single ticket. We encourage you to attend this year’s prom for a good time with the juniors and seniors!

Update: Congratulations to the 2018 prom king and queen, Caleb Eyler and Sandra Richards!

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