Springing Into Promposals

By: Tess Parmenter

With prom comes tough decisions about the perfect dress, perfect hair, but most importantly promposals. Promposals have started within the last decade and become more popular and more creative each year. They range from simple signs to asking with an animal. Some even have flash mobs. A promposal is a way of asking someone to prom in which a guy or girl creates a sign which could include a pun such as, “I know this is cheesy, prom?” and then for example, gives that special someone a pizza. In some cases, they don’t make a sign but instead they ask with cars, people, or even at sporting events on the scoreboard. The Squire interviewed senior Nick Smelko on the promposal he used to ask his date.

The Squire: What was your promposal this year?

Nick Smelko: “I wrote a sweet poem and gave it to my girlfriend along with flowers.”

TS: What inspired you to do this promposal?

NS: “I really like her and wanted to do something sweet and meaningful for her.”

TS: What work went into creating this promposal?

NS: “I spent two to three hours writing the poem, drawing pictures, and coloring it. Then I just had to buy the flowers.”

The Squire also interviewed senior TerryLee Talasky on the promposal she received this year.

TS: What promposal did you receive this year?

TerryLee Talasky: “It was the word “PROM” cut out of cardboard with Christmas lights and he put it in my back yard to surprise me when I got home. Oh and he got me sushi.”

TS: What is your favorite thing about promposals?

TT: “I really like the element of surprise that comes along with them.”

TS: What is the best promposal you’ve received?

TT: “Definitely this one! He is not always creative or good at surprises but he nailed it this year so I really liked it.”

These are just a couple of the many students that either received or gave promposals this spring. The Squire looks forward to seeing and hearing about the creativity and hard work put into these promposals from the students here at Eisenhower. Prom is just around the corner so if you haven’t gotten a date yet and need a creative way to ask them, promposals are the way to go

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