Kelly Glotz takes Student Spotlight by Storm

By: Brian Fedorchuk

The spotlight is shining on Kelly Glotz for this issue of the Squire News.  Although it might not be obvious at first, Kelly has become one of Eisenhower’s ambitious students. In fact, this semester, Kelly has been a busy senior who skips his own lunch just to help the journalism program. He is a team player who would rather see the team have a good time, than to win.

Kelly works hard to improve the school as a whole and is very involved when it comes to Eisenhower school spirit. He participated in spirit week every day during this year’s event and “went hard” on famer day.  Supporting his classmates, Kelly also paid a dollar to benefit the Richard family on Hat Day.

The Squire rounded him up to ask this student of the week some questions about his day to day life and some future plans.

The Squire: We understand that you have a job. Where do you work and what is your favorite part about your job?

Kelly Glotz: I work for the local Kwik Fill.

TS: Which sports do you play and which are your favorite?

KG: I play both soccer and track. I prefer soccer more because I like being a part of a team.

TS: What events do you preform for track? Have you ever advanced to districts?

KG: 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 4×100 meter relay, and javelin. Yes, I’ve gone to districts in the 100 meter dash and the 4×1.

TS: What is your favorite career choice?

KG: I would say my top career choice is probably construction, or professional sports.

TS: Where do you plan on working after high school graduation?

KG: I plain on working for Ron Glotz Construction and hopefully one day making it Kelly Glotz Construction.

TS: What makes you so interested in helping journalism during your “free” time at school?

KG: The good people and the good times!

TS: Are you going to miss high school and what about it are you going to miss the most?

KG: Yes, I will miss high school very much, I will miss the bright shining faces, such as Dakota Chase, Brian Fedorchuk, and the always lovely, Miss Howe.

As you can see, there are many reasons why The Squire chose Kelly Glotz to be the Student Spotlight. Kelly is a great student is always around to lend a hand; we are super lucky to have him at Eisenhower!

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