Make it an Action Packed Summer

By: Troy Myer

With good weather approaching, the hype for summer is getting serious, and senioritis is in full swing. Most students just want to get out of school and enjoy the good weather. There are plenty of summer activities to do with friends and family, especially in our local area.  All around Warren County, there are countless opportunities for hunting and fishing throughout the National Forest and Kinzua Reservoir. There is also biking and hiking throughout the National Forest with trails at Jake’s Rocks and Rim Rock. Plenty of activities to do locally just in your backyard like sports, cookouts, or swimming. Or in your woods behind your house like hunting, trapping and shed hunting. The Squire asked outdoor enthusiast and senior, Willy Hoffman, about how he has an action packed summer.

The Squire: What are some summer activities you do?

Willy Hoffman: I like to wear sunglasses because I am always outside. I like to run, I enjoy fishing, and I love riding my motorcycle.

TS: Which one is your favorite and why?

WH: Riding my motorcycle because it’s the closest thing to heaven, and it’s fast.

TS: If you could do one big activity this summer, what would it be?

WH: Riding my motorcycle to Maine and hammock camp along the way with some pals.

TS: How often do you get outside in the summer to participate in some of these activities?

WH: You bet your boots every chance I get to do something, I’m going to do it.

TS: Do you work during the summer and still have time to do some activities?

WH: I work seven days a week and still do tons of activities enjoying the summer.

TS: What do you do when it rains on your plans?

WH: I hang out with my girlfriend and we usually go to Starbucks.

TS: In our area, we have access to a lot of summer activities that involve water. How do you feel about the water?

WH: I am more of a fan of the land activities.

There is plenty of activities and time to have loads of fun this summer. There is the whole Alleghany National Forest to hike, bike, and camp, and the whole Kinzua Reservoir to do some fishing and all your water activities. Whether it is by yourself or with some friends, cherish these moments this summer, and, whatever you, do stay safe.

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