Dressing the Part at Prom

By: Nick Smelko

The prom hype usually comes around in the spring and towards the end of school and doesn’t leave until school is officially over. When it comes to dressing up for prom, the girls are the ones who usually take it more seriously. Girls often have strong feelings about what type of dress they want, like a two piece dress or something more traditional, and, of course the color of the dress,  but that’s not to say that guys don’t care about how they look.

With guys, the options are just simpler. You can choose between a long tie or bow tie, a vest or suspenders; but, for the most part, as a guy, you don’t have to worry about picking colors because you have to match your secondary colors with the color of your date’s dress. However, as a guy, you get to choose tux or suit color. While most guys go with a traditional black tux or suit, there are other options, such as blue, white, gray, or even white coat with black pants.

The Squire sat down with two senior prom goers, Matt Huling and Kelly Glotz, about what they will be rocking for their senior prom.

The Squire: When it comes to color choice, is it best to listen to your date? Why?

Kelly Glotz: Yes, it is absolutely best to listen to the girl because a year later they are going to care about what color they wore to prom and you won’t.

Matt Huling: Yes, it is best to listen to the girl because girls are better at matching colors than guys and girls know best.

TS: Do you prefer long tie or bow tie? Why?

KG: I prefer the long tie because it gives you a more traditional look and also I can’t tie a bowtie.

MH: I prefer bow ties because they don’t dangle and hit you in the face when you’re dancing and bow tie till I die, bro.

TS: Do you prefer vest or suspenders? Why?

KG: I prefer the vest because I already own one and it gives the tux combo a more distinguished look.

MH: I prefer suspenders because they look classier and give an old, yet attractive look.

TS: How do you plan to coordinate colors with your date?

KG: She picked a color and told me what color it was, so I matched my tie and vest to that color.

MH: She is wearing a red dress, so I’m going to wear a gray suit with red accessories to match.

TS: Are you renting or buying your suit/tux or do you already own one?

KG: I already own one, so I’m not worried.

MH: This year, I will be renting my tux because I’m broke.

For more information on what to wear as a guy, feel free to talk to Matt or Kelly, as they have great information and clearly know what they’re talking about, plus, they are nice people and can easily be approached and talked to. Also, for the ladies reading this, go easy on your man with the colors; they care too and want you to have a good night, so take it easy on them and be patient – it will all work out in the end!




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