Get Away this Summer

By: Rachel Frederick

With summer vacation right around the corner, many people have their favorite vacations booked and ready to go. There are various places people choose to go, depending on if they want to go get warm at the beach, go hike in the mountains, or go explore the deserts. The Squire went around and asked some of the students what their dream vacation spot is.  Not surprisingly, after such a long winter, the majority chose a tropical locale. Some said Hawaii because of the warm weather and the beautiful scenery, others had said they were interested in traveling there to get away to somewhere totally different. Hawaii would be an amazing vacation spot due to all of the fun things to do, the warm weather, and the outstanding views. The Squire had also asked if they would rather go north, south, east or west and, once again, the majority of Eisenhower students preferred the south; however, one student said that he “would love to go to Hollywood, California because there’s so many things to do out there.”

The Squire found out that many students are planning on a vacation this summer. Jasmine Punch said she’s going to, “California to get away from here and to go to the beach.” On the other hand, Olivia Hummel and Cole Kellogg plan to spend time, “going camping.” However, Jasmine isn’t the only one looking forward to the beach. Rayna Hultman and Jaydon Hayes said they were, “going to the beach to stay warm,” while Brycen Woodin had said that he was, “going to Florida to go to Disney World and for the beach.” Along with all of this information, we asked them why they chose to go to these places and many of them shared they do so to, “get tan and warm, to get away from here, and to have fun.” Students who return to the same vacation spot each year explained they do so because it is, “fun, it’s nice to get away from here and since I have been there before I know the place quite well.”

There are different types of ways to travel from one place to another. You could drive, fly, or boat, depending on where you decide to go. Driving is fun as long as you aren’t going too far away. You can see everything on a road trip and entertain yourself, from playing car games to checking out the awesome places you drive through. Flying is always the quicker way and still amazing. You can see the view from overtop and the sunsets or sunrise are gorgeous. If you were to ask these students how they decide to travel, many say they drive because they “like the road trips and all the cool sights you can see.” A couple said they fly since it’s faster and “flying over sunsets and rain is amazing.”

Summer vacation is coming up rather quickly and many students are ready to head out to their favorite places. Going on a vacation is the best way to go out and explore outside of Warren County and really enjoy your childhood or teenage years. The Squire enjoyed interviewing and getting many different students’ perspectives on their ideal vacation spots. It was interesting to find out more about the students and learning that most dream of one day going to many different places. We hope you have an incredible summer break and that you get to go on the vacation of your dream!

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