Dining Before Prom

By: Shelby Kuzminski

It is that time of the year again, when school is almost out and seniors are preparing to start their new lives outside of Eisenhower. But there is one more dance before school ends, and that is prom. It is a time when you can dance, make unforgettable memories, and live it up with all your friends. There are many plans to make before the big day, but one important question to answer is: where are you going to eat before prom?

Since prom will be in Warren, you will probably want to eat close by. Some examples within Warren are Cornerstone, The Eagles, The Peppermill, The Train Station, Ling Lings, Bob Evans, Applebee’s, The Plaza, and La Mexicana. If you are looking for something quick or to snack on you could go to Dominos, McDonalds, Taco Bell, or Little Caesars. If nothing in Warren is what you’re looking for Sugar Grove may have what you want. There is, The Bucket, or New Beginnings. If you still haven’t found a place in Warren or Sugar Grove you could always go for Wendy’s in Russell or Ribs N’ Bones near Chandlers Valley, or possibly head up to Jamestown or Lakewood for more choices.

If you haven’t decided where to eat, Ribs N’ Bones might just be the place for you. Ribs has options from steak to seafood. The prices range from ten dollars to twenty dollars per person. It is located in Warren, Pa on Jackson Run Road. It has a dining room and a bar room on the other side. Reservations are not required but are recommended. You can reach Ribs n Bones at (814) 723- 8205 to reserve your table now.

The Squire interviewed Savannah McKnown and Sandra Richards about their possible dinner ideas for prom dinner. Savannah says she wants to have a fancy dinner before prom. Her ideal dinner date is to “get all dolled up, go to a nice place, and have a romantic dinner with a really hot, nice guy.” She also informed The Squire that, when it comes to a prom date, the guy should plan out the whole night, especially dinner. Sandra told The Squire that she likes to have a group dinner date so she can spend time with her friends and have an entertaining dinner. Sandra and Savannah are planning to eat at Ribs N’ Bones for their prom dinner. Savannah has some advice to give to anyone who is struggling to find a place to eat on prom night, “Don’t order anything that is messy. If you are going to Ribs N Bones, don’t order the ribs just order the bones!”

The Squire took a poll on Twitter for possible places to dine at before prom. The top choice was Ribs N’ Bones at 35 percent. In second was Applebees at 29 percent. In third was Olive Garden at 24 percent. The least popular place to eat is at home at 12 percent.

There are many places to go to for perfect prom dinner, and lots of local options to stay close to the Conewango Club in Warren, where prom will be held. For a dinner for two or a group Ribs n’ Bones was the top choice. There are many places in Warren, Sugar Grove, and Lakewood where you can find a perfect place to dine. Make your prom night memorable by starting off right with the perfect meal.






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