Deciding the Best and Worst of 2017

By: Alexi Milburn

This year has been filled with many memories, and exciting new trends. The Squire interviewed 10 EHS students to find out what they thought were the worst and best trends and inventions of 2017.

The trends and inventions The Squire picked were things that were common in our area and that we saw as popular trends around Eisenhower this year. There are other interesting trends around the world that took place this year, and we would encourage checking them out if they are something that interest you. The survey was based off of things that were very popular within Millennials and young adults.

We asked the students whether the trend made or broke 2017, here is what they decided:

Fidget Spinners

In case you didn’t know, Fidget Spinners are small toys with two or three prongs arranged around a central bearing, that you then spin with your fingers. These toys are made for improving concentration or relieving stress. The EHS students voted the fidget spinner to be a trend for the worst.

Short Hair

Bobs are back! Or maybe not… you may have noticed as the year has gone on, many girls have turned to shorter hair styles. Many say it’s to “beat the heat” while others simply use the hairstyle as a fashion statement. It’s all about being different in 2017, but the students of EHS voted that this hairstyle was a trend for the worst.

IPhone X

You may have seen a few kids in the hall ways with the new iPhone X! Notice how I said a few… that’s probably because this new phone starts at a price of $1,000! For that kind of money, one would think the phone would be extravagant. Consumers of the product have reported flaws throughout the phone and having problems with glitches. Surprisingly, EHS students voted this phone one of the best trends of 2017.

Metallic Hair Colors

It’s a sign of the future…metallic hair colors? These new vibrant, silky hair trends really came to play this year. But EHS students didn’t agree on it -they voted this bold hair choice to be a bad trend of 2017.

Snap Maps

Freaky or helpful? This year Snapchat took a big step when they introduced Snap Maps. For those of you that don’t have Snapchat, Snap Maps is a feature on the app where you can find the location of your friends by a simple pinch of your fingers. Some say this feature is scary and space invasive, while others love the idea of knowing where people are at all times. To turn this feature off, you simply just go to your settings and turn on ‘Ghost Mode’ which means you no longer can be found on the map. EHS students voted this feature an update for the best.


This short lived app was a hit throughout the Warren County School District! Let me fill you in, TBH was an app where you are provided with a few registered people’s names from all around the county. You then anonymously click someone’s name with the question provided. For example, you might be asked, “Who has the nicest hair?” and you would select one of the four girls/boys listed as choices. That person is then informed that they have been picked and what they were picked for, never finding the person who picked them. This app quickly died as students lost interest in the concept. EHS students agreed, the is app dying out, but it was a good idea.

Donald Trump’s Tweets

Oh yes, finally… Trump’s Tweets. Donald Trump has continued to come out of his shell this year on Twitter with his bold comments and statements. Some handle this well and say more power to him, while others take full offense to his words. EHS students decided that his words and use of Twitter were maybe not so wise.


If you’re looking for something to binge watch on Netflix this weekend, the EHS students highly recommend the hit series Riverdale. We could explain it to you…but we don’t want to ruin it, so you’ll just have to see it for yourself. This show is full of drama and excitement, along with suspicion, making it an exciting 2017 series.

Pop Sockets

Have you seen those weird circles on the back of people’s phones? Those weird circles are called Pop Sockets and have been a total hit this year. You simply stick the Pop Socket on the back of your phone, pull the circle away from yourself, and there you have it, an easier way to hold your phone. Pop Sockets were a hit for the EHS students.

Stranger Things

After all, you have to save the best for last. This hit series was a big deal for the students of EHS and just about everyone else in the U.S. this 2017 year. Back in 2016, Netflix came out with the series Stranger Things, and was a hit! This year, they released Stranger Things 2, and that may have been an even bigger hit. This show, set in the 1980’s, is a family friendly, exciting idea of Sci-fi and fantasy combining with love and friendships, and it was very popular throughout the course of the year and a hit for the EHS students.

If you found these trends relatable and interesting, you should look up more trends that were popular this year, which could easily be done through a Google search. The Squire encourages you to be alert of the new trends in 2018, and pay attention to trends carrying over from 2017! This year had some crazy new trends, and who knows what 2018 will have for us! If you find something in 2018 that you see becoming very popular, let us know – maybe we’ll be able to include it in our reflection on 2018 next year!


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