Racing into Winter

By: Ayla Valone

When the weather becomes cold, many students here at Eisenhower may feel more comfortable staying inside where it’s warm, but what if I told you that The Squire has some ideas for you to get outside in the community?  This holiday season, try taking on a winter sport. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it. Local ski resort, Peak’n Peak, might just be the place to look for some snow fun. Peak’n Peak has everything from snowboarding to cross country skiing. If you’re looking to learn a new skill, then head on up!  The resort gives lessons on all sorts of winter sports. You can also go tubing at Peak’n Peak. According to Peak’n Peak’s website, , the prices for tubing are between $18 and $20. As of Friday, December 15, they are now open for the winter season.

If you’re looking for an indoor winter activity, try Jamestown Northwest Ice Arena, where you can attend the DJ skates every Friday and Saturday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm for a cheap price of only $6, with an extra $2 for skate rentals.  If you want to improve your skill and take lessons, you can sign up on their web site, It’s only $70 for seven weeks of lessons.

Want to do something a little closer to home?  Don’t worry we’ve got a place for you! Lindell’s Hatch Run Tubing is opening on December 16; it’s a great place to enjoy some winter fun with your family and friends. When you decide you’re done with tubing, you can stop on by and get a wreath or pick out a Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas trees, if you’re feeling the spirit then head to LGL tree farm in downtown Pittsfield, and cut your own Christmas tree! You have the choice of cutting your own tree or picking it up from the pre-cut trees that they have. If you decide you want to cut your own tree, saws are provided along with free trimming, bailing, and shaking.  You can even take a ride around the farm on one of their horse-drawn carriages.

With 360 miles of trails in the Allegheny National Forest, that is also plenty of space to go riding snowmobiles, although you do have to be older than 15 to drive them. According to Allegheny National Forest website it is opening day for snowmobiling is December 20. If you’re not into snowmobiling, they also have cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

From tubing or skiing at Peak’n Peak to snowmobiling at the Allegheny National Forest, there are all kinds of activities to do in our community and beyond. So get out there and take advantage of these opportunities during this winter season!

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