This Week’s Spotlight Shines on Delaney Nizzi

By: Alexi Milburn

This week’s squire student spotlight issue focuses on Delaney Nizzi. Delaney participates in Student Council, basketball, and track for Eisenhower Middle High School. She recently was picked to represent the junior class by being put on Homecoming court. Delaney’s plans after high school include going to college to be a nurse practitioner. She has been a member of Student Council for three years. The Squire recently interviewed her and asked a series of questions regarding her involvement in sports and Student Council to help readers and EMHS students learn some more interesting things about her.

The Squire: What is your favorite part of Student Council?

Delaney Nizzi: I really enjoy trying to make the school a better place.

TS: Why did you join student council?

DN: I joined so that I could be a part of Homecoming and because it looks good on a college application.

TS: What was it like preparing for Homecoming?

DN: Homecoming this year was very stressful at times. It was hard to get everything ready in a little amount of time.

TS: What was preparing for the bonfire like?

DN: The bonfire was tough because we weren’t allowed to do anything for it. So, it was left for others to plan.

TS: In what ways does Student Council impact the community?

DN: We have helped at the food pantry and have held a clothing drive for the Salvation Army.

TS:  How do you think Student Council will help you after graduation?

DN: It will help me form a good character, make new friends, and learn responsibilities.

Delaney added her input on basketball and how she believes the season should go, “With a lot of young girls coming up, I believe that if we work hard and are dedicated we can be a good team.” She is also looking forward to the 2018 track season, “We lost two of our throwers but have a lot of underclassmen that can replace them. We are going for another region championship and an undefeated season, to succeed at that we need to have lots of number and leave no points behind.” If you see Delaney in the hallway be sure to say hello and be sure to go watch a basketball game as the season is just around the corner!

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