Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Jackie Barnett

By: Taylor Carr

The teacher spotlight for this issue of The Squire is the Eisenhower’s Prom Committee adviser Mrs. Barnett. In addition to teaching special education for middle school students, she also participated in the after school tutoring program. The after school tutoring program gives students who are falling behind in classes a chance to get some extra help and one on one time with Mrs. Barnett.  Since she is now spending time doing Prom Committee, she no longer can be involved in that program.  The program, however, is still offered to students, with another teacher assisting.  Mrs. Barnett is looking forward to being an eleventh grade advisor and working on the 2017 prom.

The Squire interviewed Mrs. Barnett to inquire a little bit more about how prom committee is doing.

The Squire: Why did you choose to be involved in Prom Committee?

Jackie Barnett: The former advisers were no longer there, and, if there was no adviser, there would be no prom.

TS: What is your favorite part of being involved with Prom Committee?

JB: Working with the students that want to put a prom together and have a nice formal event for the juniors and seniors is great.

TS: If you weren’t an adviser, what would you do?

JB: Last year, I did the after school tutoring program, but I didn’t do it this year. It was during the day, and my planning period is in the morning, so I would just be doing paperwork.

TS: How long have you been at Eisenhower?

JB: I have been at Eisenhower for four years and was at Beaty for twenty three years, so I’ve been teaching for twenty seven years.

TS: Did you always want to be a teacher?

JB: When I was a senior, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I started college to get the electives done, taught writing lessons, and was an instructor. So, teaching was a natural flow.

TS: Do you know where prom will be held? JB: There are lots of places contacting us wanting to host our event, and opening up new options for prom.

Although nothing has been decided yet for the theme of prom, Mrs. Barnett will be having meetings for the decision of the prom theme and location during homeroom once a week. Those interested in joining Prom Committee can see Mrs. Barnett to sign up.  If you see Mrs. Barnett in the hallway, please thank her for all of her hard work she puts into helping make a great prom for us this year.

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