Make Your Own 2017 Halloween Costume

By: Ayla Valone

It’s that spooky time of year again and we’re all wondering what we are going to be this year. The Squire is here to help you think of something new! With some of the new movies that have come out this year, we’ve gathered up some great and unique ideas.

With the new movie It, based on Stephen King’s novel, “Pennywise” the clown is sure to be a popular and creepy choice. A movie that may inspire a more light hearted costume is Despicable Me 3. It came out this year, and features more of those little yellow minions that everybody loves – a perfect and easy Halloween option! 2017 was also the year of the popular Disney movie, Moana. A quick trip to Wal Mart and you could have everything you need to be your very own Moana.

It, which just came out in September, has inspired people to awaken their inner clown. The clown named “Pennywise”, was not only popular in the novel, IT, but was also popular from the original movie.  This year, IT has come back to scare us all. To make this costume, start by making or buying a clown costume. (It does not need to be a special pennywise costume – you can customize it as needed.). Start by painting your face white. Next, make red lines down the face connecting the ends of the mouth. Last, paint your nose and your lips red. If you want to add more to make the costume even more accurate, simply tie or carry around red balloons.

Thinking of a group costume? Try making minions, an easy costume that can have an unlimited number of group members. You will need a long sleeve yellow shirt, a pair of overalls, knee high yellow socks, a yellow hat, black gloves, and a pair of black shoes. If you would like to go into detail with the costume, you can create a pair of clear round black goggles to match. You could find everything you need inexpensively at the dollar store or Goodwill.

If you are a Disney fan, consider creating a Moana costume.  Since the costume is so popular this year, you could just buy the costume. However, if you want to be creative, go to Wal Mart and purchase an orange-red top and a fringe scarf that you can fashion into a skirt.  You may even be able to find a grass skirt at the dollar store.  Then turn your hair into a beachy wave. To add more detail, you could put a reddish orange flower crown.

Try out these tips to make your very own costume this Halloween!  Check out Pinterest for more DIY ideas.

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