Kicking Off Homecoming Week

By: Maya Edwards

In preparation for the 2017 Homecoming Football game, the Eisenhower Student Council lit the bonfire and pumped up the students with an eventful Pep Assembly on Wednesday, October 27.

The pep assembly included the singing of the national anthem and the school alma mater by the Eisenhower Senior Choir, the playing of ‘band stand music,’ the announcing of the 2017 Homecoming court, and the Varsity Cheerleaders performing their dance. Soon after the pep assembly events were over, the students remained in the grand stands for the lighting of the bonfire.

As we all know, these festivities could not have taken place without the EHS Student Council and their Advisor, Amanda Slattery. This year is only Ms. Slattery’s second year holding the position of Student Council Advisor, and the program is growing and improving. Ms. Slattery works hard to be the best advisor she can be and Student Council is working to amp up our school spirit.

The Squire interviewed Ms. Slattery about her thoughts on how homecoming week went.

The Squire: In preparation for the bonfire, how long did it take you to plan it out?

Ms. Slattery: I was not in charge of planning the bonfire. Mr. Martin takes the responsibility to make sure that a date and time were planned out, as well as that the local volunteer firefighters will be here incase anything may occur. I am sure that he plans this well in advance because he made sure there were two dates in the event that there was rain.

TS: What were some of the complications during the planning process?

MS: Again, I was not in charge of planning the bonfire, but I know that Mr. Martin had to make sure he had the proper approval. He also had to make sure that he had a rain date. If there was rain on both dates, then a bonfire would not have occurred.

TS: What is usually included in the pep rally?

MS: For the pep rally, Student Council works hard to get the students in our school pumped up for the Homecoming game. At the pep rally, the band normally plays while students are being seated. Once the students are seated, all the fall sports are recognized for their hard work and dedication. Next, the cheerleaders normally do either a cheer or dance to get the crowd pumped. After the cheerleaders, the Homecoming Court is announced. Finally, the football captains make a speech and the cheerleaders do the Spirit Jug. If times permits, we like to have a game involving several of the students.

TS: Do you prefer having the pep assembly outside or in the gym? Why?

MS: I actually enjoyed having the pep rally outside this year. I feel that there was more room for the students, even though it was so hot outside. Outside, we were able to incorporate the bonfire and I feel it would be a better place to have more room for games.

TS: Do you believe that this year’s pep assembly was successful in getting the students school spirit up? Why, why not?

MS: To me, it seemed as though there was a little more school spirit this year than last year. Walking through the halls, I saw many students dressed up for the different themes throughout the week. This year, we also added the element of a prize for those students that participated in Spirit Week.

TS: If you could change anything during these events what would it be and why?

MS: If I could change anything during these events, I would change when they occur. Having Homecoming so close to the first day of school is very tough on the Student Council. I would also like for everyone to have better communication amongst one another.

As you can see, the Eisenhower Student Council works very hard to make Homecoming week eventful and enjoyable for the students, faculty and staff. But, these festivities wouldn’t be able to happen without the Student Council advisor Ms. Slattery. The Squire would like to thank Ms. Slattery for her time.

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