Exciting Times at Envirothon 2017

By: Eric Corse

Last week, I had the honor of attending Pennsylvania’s annual Envirothon competition. As a frequent participant in the competition for the last three years, I can say that Envirothon is an interesting and invigorating learning experience. However, before I carry on, what exactly is Envirothon? It is an environment-themed competition where teams of high school students compete in several tests using their knowledge in five topic areas – Soil and Land Use, Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Wildlife, and Environmental Issues.

The Envirothon is broken up into three levels: County, States, and Nationals. The county level competition is held at Chapman State Park where Eisenhower students compete. To move up to the next level of Envirothon, one must place first in the previous tier. Sadly Eisenhower did not accomplish this challenge, with the highest placing Eisenhower team (Eisenhower Varsity Team 1) only taking third. This team was compromised of students Brodie VanOrd, Mitchell Angove, Sam Holt, and Austin Hartenstine. First place went to Warren County Christian School, and second place went to Warren Area High School.

When asked about his experience at the 2017 Envirothon, third place team member Sam Holt had a lot to say. He shared with The Squire, “This year’s competition went alright for us, but not as well as expected. We were an experienced group and I had high hopes for us this year. We shall be sure to study hard for that first place trophy next year!” Hopefully, those hopes will be answered next year because I would like to see an Eisenhower team make it to states before I graduate.

Most of the Envirothon team members will be leaving after next year. So I encourage any high schoolers with a passion for science or nature to please contact our advisor, Rob Musi for information on joining the Envirothon club. I guarantee you will have a fun time. Plus, who doesn’t like a day off from school?

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