Dressing to Impress for Prom

By: Emily Rutsky

Prom season is here, so that means finding the perfect prom dress is on every girl’s mind. Many girls have been searching high and low for a dress to impress everyone with, and one that helps them stand out from the crowd.

There have been many new styles and prints of dresses this year to choose from. Floral printed dresses are very popular, as well as the two-piece dress. The two-piece dresses have been on the rise for a couple of years, but it is the “it” dress to have this prom season. Seventeen also has another use for the two-piece dress, they say, “Wear a two-piece to prom this spring, then pair the crop top with shorts this summer.”

The Squire sat down to ask Emily Bailey and Madi Hultman to ask them how their prom dress hunting played out.

The Squire: Where did you get your dress from?
Emily Bailey: I got it from David’s Bridal.
Madi Hultman: I ordered mine off of Amazon.
TS: How many dresses did you try on before you picked the one you have?
EB: I tried on seventeen dresses before I found the right one.
MH: I ordered my dress online, so I didn’t try any on in person.
TS: What color and style is your dress?
EB: It’s a two-piece dress and it’s black with champagne gold.
MH: It’s a secret. You’ll have to wait until prom to see it.
TS: What do you think of the selection of dresses this year?
EB: It was overwhelming; there was so many to choose from.
MH: I saw a lot of different dresses this year.
TS: How are you going to match with your date?
EB: I’m not sure how I will be matching with my date yet.
MH: We are figuring that out.
TS: What is the style of dresses popular this year?
EB: I’ve seen a lot of girls getting two-piece dresses and a lot of floral prints.
MH: Yes, there are definitely a lot of two-piece dresses and floral prints, this year.
TH: How did you pick your dress?
EB: I found it on the David’s Bridal website and really liked it, so I went to the store and tried it on and fell in love.

     As you can see, this year’s prom dresses are going to be very unique and hopefully there won’t be any of the same dresses at this year’s prom. The at the Eisenhower High School 2017 Prom will be located at the Willow Bay Theatre, 21 E Third Street Jamestown, NY, from 7 pm to 10 pm. Be ready to impress everyone with your dress this year at prom!

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