Patriots Make History

By: Benji Linkerhof

The 2017 Super Bowl game is one that will not be forgotten. There were many disappointed fans after the game, but also very happy fans at the same time. With a final score of 34–28, the New England Patriots came out with an outstanding comeback. The Atlantic Falcons had managed to lose a 21–3 lead. Everyone thought it would be a total shutout of a game, but that changed by the time the fourth quarter came. With the help of,, The Squire is here to bring you the recap in case you missed the 2017 Super Bowl game.

     First Quarter:

The Atlantic Falcons started out very strong with two sacks on the New England quarterback, Tom Brady. Even though The Falcons didn’t score any points, they thought they were well prepared to face the Patriots.

     Second Quarter:

The second quarter was when the Falcons really started to pull ahead with a strong lead. Patriots’, Blount, fumbled the ball at the Falcons 29-yard line. When the Falcons got the ball, they really dug the Patriots a hole. The Atlantic Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan, threw the ball to wide receiver Julio Jones twice to get into Patriots territory. A couple short plays after that, there were points on the board. With a 7-0 lead Falcons felt good about themselves. After another turnover from the Patriots, the Falcons offensive and defensive lines seemed unstoppable at this point. Coming with a second touchdown by Falcons tight-end, Austin Hooper, and field goal made the score 14-0. For another great play by the Atlantic Falcons, cornerback Robert Alford intercepted a throw from Tom Brady, making an 82 yard touchdown. The Patriots never would’ve thought they could comeback from a two touchdown lead, but a three touchdown lead made them think it was a shutout. By the end of the quarter, the Patriots managed to make a field goal.

     Third Quarter:

The third quarter, the Patriots started getting points, but were still down by an immense amount of points. The Falcons scoring another touchdown in a little over four minutes, making the score 28-3. The Patriots running-back, James White, caught a five yard pass into the end zone, making the score 28-9. Patriots kicker Gostkowski missed a field goal for an extra point, keeping the score 28-9 for the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

The final quarter is what made the 2017 super bowl a game to never forget. The Falcons defensive line, still remaining strong at the start of the quarter, forced New England Patriots for Thirty-three yard field goal, making the score 28-12. The Falcons started to fall apart after Coleman suffered an injury and fumble recovered by the Patriots. This caused the Falcons defensive line to fall apart as well. Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola scored a touchdown followed by a successful two point conversion, starting the outstanding comeback with a score 28-20. The Falcons had many attempts to kill time, but desired a touchdown very badly to pull ahead even more. Brady, at this point, was finally showing that he is the best quarterback throwing outstanding passes. Ending the quarter with yet another touchdown, the Patriots tied up the game.


This super bowl was the first in history to go into overtime. Fans from both teams were off their seats and amazed at the huge comeback the Patriots made. The fans waited eagerly to see how the game plays out. The Patriots won the coin toss and everyone knew, based onhow Brady had been playing, it was game over. Four minutes into overtime and the Patriots scored the final winning touchdown to end the game.

In this year’s 2017 Super Bowl, while the Falcons fans were very silent, the Patriots made history by making this Super Bowl one to never forget from the greatest comeback ever.

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