PMEA Students Are Playing a New Tune

By: Brittany Arp

Every year, musically talented students from around the district are brought together to entertain their friends and family in a series of different festivals ranging from chorus to jazz. Schools from around the area host these events for the hundreds high school students who are passionate about music. This year, the young musicians met at St. Mary’s, Bradford, Meadville, and Indiana for the Band, Chorus, Jazz Band, and Orchestra Festivals respectively. Eisenhower students, including Sarah Dietsch, Laura Courson, Lydia Giannini, Grace Larson, and Ana Carlton, were some of the outstanding music students chosen to represent our school this year. The Squire met up with another one of our musically inclined students to get her feedback after attending these festivals.

The Squire: Which PMEA events did you attend throughout high school?

Mikki Gifford: I’ve attended district choir, district band, district orchestra, and district jazz.

TS: How many years have you attended each festival?

MG: I attended district band for three years, district choir for one year, district jazz for one year, and district orchestra for one year.

TS: What instruments did you play at each event?

MG: At district choir I sang tenor 1, at district band I played cornet 1, at district orchestra I played cello, and at district jazz I played Trumpet 3.

TS: What is your favorite part of these events?

MG: I love making friends and playing with the guest conductors.

TS: What is your least favorite aspect of these events?

MG: My least favorite part is coming home.

TS: How does singing/playing an instrument at these festivals differ from singing/playing with the Eisenhower Choir/Band?

MG: In district band, every part is covered. There are about 160 kids in district band, but in Eisenhower band there are 12. It is just a huge difference by sound. It’s the same thing with choir. There aren’t many kids in choir, but there are over 100 in district choir.

TS: How did you prepare for the PMEA festivals?

MG: I practice A LOT. Like one hour a night.

TS: Are you advancing onto Regions?

MG: Yes I am. I placed 2nd chair 1st cornet, and 3rd overall.

Students interested in music are highly encouraged to attend these festivals, as they provide many learning opportunities for aspiring musicians. All students should come out and support their fellow classmates at the festival concerts. The Squire would also like to wish Mikki luck as she advances onto Regions!

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