Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mr. Dave Allenson

By: Troy Myer

In every school, there are always one or two teachers who seem like they have been here forever.  Here at Eisenhower, that teacher is Mr. Dave Allenson, bringing joy and art to students for 22 years now. The Squire wanted to ask Mr. Allenson a few questions to learn more about him and his career at Eisenhower Middle High School.

The Squire: How many years have you been teaching and what ages have you taught over the years?

Mr. Dave Allenson:  I’ve been teaching 22 years and have taught grades K through 12.

TS: Why did you choose to be an Art teacher?

DA: I was the kid who was always drawing in all his classes (when I should have paid attention) and, when I first went to college, I thought I wanted to teach, but changed my mind after doing some teaching observations. Years later, in a retail sporting goods store, many customers asked for me when they had kids because they liked my patience when I helped them. I then felt that teaching might allow me to spend more time with my son, so I went back to school and got my teaching degree.

TS: Is there any year or group of kids that has stood out to you?

DA: The more time you spend with a group, the more they are likely to stay with you. And there were a couple groups of the girls that we played 30 to 40 games in the summer and close to 30 in the regular season. It was like I spent 8 seasons with those girls. The classes of 2006 though the 2010 were groups to remember.

TS: I’ve heard rumors of retirement here soon, is that true?

DA: It is true I have thought about retirement, but have no definite plans at this time.

TS: What do you plan on doing after retirement?

DA: When I do retire, I will spend more time visiting my son in the Philly area, sailing on the Chesapeake, camping, kayaking, and traveling around the country watching college basketball games.

TS: Being a teacher and a basketball coach is a lot on your plate. How do you handle all the work?

DA: A lot of late nights at the school.

TS: As the boys basketball coach here, how do you think the team’s regular season went?

DA: We got off to a slow start and the Cochranton games were a disappointment, but we have been playing our best ball lately and hope to continue to play our best in the playoffs.

Mr. Allenson has had a very remarkable basketball career, as well, playing all through his childhood, in high school, and in college, and coaching girls and boys here at Eisenhower. He is currently coaching our boys into playoffs this year. Mr. Allenson is also the advisor for the school’s art club. If you are interested in art club, head on down to his room to join now!


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